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Kiev, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2016 -- With a rich assortment of alcoholic beverages that are available on sale nowadays, many consumers face problems when choosing high quality and, what really matters, safe products for different occasions. Realizing the fact that the amount of manufacturers offering alcoholic beverages of poor quality keeps growing steadily these days, has introduced a premium alcoholic beverage brand, which is manufactured by "Persha Vinokurna Kompanija".

"Persha Vinokurna Kompanija" (The First Distillery Company) is a Ukraine-based manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, the quality of which does not compromise with the price. The company has been collecting the traditional recipes of high quality alcoholic beverages that enjoyed popularity not only in modern Ukraine, but in the ancient Kievan Rus as well. They managed to combine these recipes to manufacture the alcoholic beverages, which stand out in the crowd due to their exquisite taste, high quality, unique recipes and other characteristics. This is what they tell about the company: "We are not the largest alcohol producer in Ukraine, and do not aspire to it. The more important fact for us is the final quality of the product we offer to our consumers to make them satisfied with the purchase and the time they spend in the circle of their loved ones".

As of today, "Persha Vinokurna Kompanija" and the web-based resource supply the alcoholic beverages not only to the Ukrainian markets, but to other countries of Europe, America, Australia and Asia as well. Among the most popular alcoholic beverages they offer for sale today, it makes sense to point out the Vodka "Gorbushka Wheat" and Vodka "Gorbushka Rye". The first product involves only high quality and safe all-natural ingredients, including the highest grade wheat to give the beverage the aroma and taste that distinguish it from other similar products. The special vodka is manufactured using the Alambique distillation technology to ensure the maximum preservation of wheat flavor and taste.

The second alcoholic beverage, which deserves the attention of consumers and may become the highlight of any event, is the Special Vodka "GORBUSHKA Rye". The product comprises specially produced rye crackers to give the beverage the one-of-a-kind aromatic spirit and distinctive taste of the rye bread. The Alambique distillation technology is applied in the production of this product as well using the additionally purified water and the aromatic spirit of the 100% natural rye crackers. "We use the achievements of numerous generations to create our original recipes based on time-tested traditions and current technologies, which allow us producing genuine premium vodka our customers give preference to above other alcoholic beverages of the same type. We hold to the highest quality standards throughout the complete production cycle and this enables our product to win consumers' favor worldwide", - say the manufacturers of the product.

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About Gorbushka
"Gorbushka" is a popular trademark of the "Persha Vinokurna Kompanija" (The First Distillery Company), which is located in Ukraine and manufactures high quality alcoholic beverages. The products are supplied to the Ukrainian markets as well as to those in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. The trademark is represented by two premium alcoholic beverage brands, namely the Vodka "Gorbushka Wheat" and the Vodka "Gorbushka Rye". These products are manufactured using the most advanced Alambique distillation technology to ensure the maximum preservation of flavor and taste. One of the main factors that distinguish the company and the trademark from other manufacturers is the fact that they collect the traditional recipes of high quality alcoholic beverages that enjoyed popularity not only in modern Ukraine, but also in the ancient Kievan Rus. This ensures the use of all-natural ingredients only and the unsurpassed taste of the product.

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Company Name: Persha Vinokurna Kompanija
Address: 9 Bogatyrskaja Street, 04209 Kiev, Ukraine