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Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc. Offers Complete Trenchless Pipe Systems


Santa Fe Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc., one of the world's leader in the manufacturing of sewer and drain cleaning equipment, offers two complete types of trenchless pipe replacement systems, a chain operated puller, and a wire rope operated puller that are all essential in resolving residential, commercial, and industrial drain problems.

The two trenchless pipe systems that Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc. carries are GO 6000C model and GO 6000R model. The chain operated Model GO 6000C is provided with a 5/8-inch diameter chain link puller, while Model GO 6000R is equipped with a 3/4-inch diameter steel wire rope puller. The puller frame has been machined with all mounting holes to make it easier to accept the chain and wire rope puller housing which can be added or exchanged at any time, providing versatility to the operator in choosing the right equipment for each job. Both models come with a 12-inch stroke and recommended to burst and replace cast iron, clay, plastic, and orangeburg pipes up to 6 inches in diameter.

Both these trenchless pipe systems are ideal in splitting metal pipes at oil fields, refineries, and underground facilities in simplifying pipe removal and pipe replacement. Special diameter bursting heads, however, may be required for such application.

Comparing the two models, many drain cleaning professionals choose the GO 6000R system over the GO 6000C model. A sales specialist in the company explains, “Most operators prefer the wire rope Model GO 6000R system due to a continuous pull of up to 150 feet. Additional advantages include a faster pull, reduced weight of the wire per foot verses chain, simplified transportation and handling. The advantage of the chain operated Model GO 6000C system, on the other hand, includes non-slip gripping jaws even when excessive grease or mud is encountered. Chain pulls may also be required if tight pipe turns are encountered, excessive depth of the pipes, tight quarters or being too close to a structure or building.”

Together with other Gorlitz's line of professional equipment, the trenchless pipe systems have aided many service technicians and drain cleaning professionals in their plumbing tasks by reducing service time and costs. Other products being offered by the company include sewer and drain cleaning machines and accessories, pipe fusion equipment, inspection cameras, plumbing tools, replacement parts and more. For more information, visit http://www.gorlitz.com.