Gorlitz Sewer & Drain

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Inc. Specializes in Water Jetting Machines


Santa Fe Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Gorlitz Sewer & Drain. Inc., a California-based company pioneering in the manufacture of sewer and drain cleaning equipment, offers a wide range of water jetting machines, including GO 3000 Series, GO 2000 Series, GO 1500 Series, GO 1500A Series, and GO 3500 Series.

Also known as water jetters, water jetting machines are drain cleaning tools designed to force water at a high pressure rate through small orifices to clean the inside diameters of various kinds of pipes. “Our high pressure water jetters are powerful enough to unclog blocked drains and pipes. They have also demonstrated to be extremely useful to remove paint from walls, oil from driveways, or just for power washing any surface. Gorlitz jetters are available in various versatile configurations, from small 1500 psi to big 3500 psi units, clearing pipes from 1 1/2" through 10" in diameter, electric or gas powered,” a machine specialist of the company shares.

The most popular and versatile mid-sized water jetter model available is the Gorlitz Model GO 3000 Series. It is available in standard gas models which can be used outdoors and in propane powered odels which can be used indoors. Designed simple but versatile and functional, the GO 3000 Series models feature a sturdy frame, front handle, battery box, mounting rings, hose reel, and two 8-inch pneumatic tires to facilitate transportation to the job site.

The largest model of Gorlitz’s water jetting machines is the GO 3500 Series. Designed to be very compact, the units offer a one piece frame construction and a large capacity hose reel. The frame is built with a two-gallon gas tank made out of aluminum, muffler guard, battery box, tool box, wheel brake, storage for our supplied trigger gun, and four 10-inch pneumatic tires for easy transportation.

Gorlitz Model GO 2000 Series units, on the other hand, are ideal for professional drain cleaners and plumbers due to its small size, reduced weight, and simple operation. Manufactured with compact and sturdy frames, they feature an extendable transportation handle, front handle to assist during lifting, tool box for storage of accessories, and pneumatic tires for transportation.

The two smaller and earlier models are Gorlitz Model GO 1500 and 1500A Series. They can be well identified due to their compactness, simplicity, portability, and limited maintenance. The functional frame is constructed sturdy, as well, and features a carrying handle, reel accessory tube, retractable pull handle, and phenol wheels for easy transportation to the job site.

Aside from water jetting machines, Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Inc. offer a comprehensive list of drain cleaning equipment and tools that can be seen at http://www.gorlitz.com.