Got Green Not Greed Helps Consumers Save Money and the Environment with LED Lighting Solutions


Mercersburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- How many times have you wanted to start going green, but were put off by the high price tag of many environmentally friendly products? Got Green Not Greed LLC hopes to change that! Offering products such as LED light bulbs, automated light systems, and LED pegboard signage,the company hopes to inspire customers to be more environmentally friendly by buying products through their website. "We've got green products... without the greed!"

About Got Green Not Greed LLC
Got Green Not Greed allows people to go green easily – by removing the greed element, and vamping up the green element! They design, build, and install LED lighting and automated lighting systems – both reduce waste, and are mercury and CFL free. "We can reduce your total energy cost through easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to understand equipment that is very cost effective with 3 year return on investment," says the company. "Let us help you lower your energy costs and start realizing higher profits today." Their website offers LED lighting, Green Automation and Energy Conservation products and services to help you reduce your negative impact.

The company questions - "How many times have you changed a burned out light bulb in your lifetime? Fifty times? One hundred times? What did you do with all the old bulbs?" Got Green Not Green asks consumers if it isn't more efficient and cost effective to go with LED light lamps. "It is the right time to think about LED light bulbs and their competitive advantages!" Where normal bulbs contain highly toxic gases that can pollute the soil, LED alternatives are far more environmentally friendly by containing no mercury that can poison the ground for good.

The company recently designed a outdoor led light with downward panels that survived Hurricane Sandy,even thought the fixture did not do so well.This is due to the clear epoxy coating and the special combination of Dielectric grease and pool filter sand that is used as a heat sink, according to Edward Heffner , President of Got Green Not Greed.

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