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Got Laundry, LLC Does Laundry on the Fly


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- When it came time for the Hangman production crew for the Red Bull FlugTag team to do their laundry, they chose Philadelphia's finest: Got Laundry?, LLC.

When the crew needed to have their laundry done—and fast!--they called upon the professionals at Got Laundry?, LLC. Got Laundry? is Philadelphia's premier professional laundry and dry cleaning service. They offer their services to anyone in the Philadelphia and even offer door-to-door drop off and pick up. Clothes can be picked up and delivered directly from a home or business, and will always be freshly pressed and folded.

Got Laundry? serves the greater Philadelphia community by giving families, college students, and business owners one of the most important things in life: more time to do what they want. Individuals and couples can spend at least two to four hours of their time each week doing laundry at home or sitting in a laundromat. Small to large families can easily spend four to eight hours each week on laundry. Translated into dollars and cents, taking into account the cost of laundromats, electricity and water costs at home, the price of detergents and fabric softeners, people spend anywhere between $200 and $400 of their monthly income on laundry alone.

Got Laundry? wants everyone to “drop their pants!” to save time and money. Life is much too short to waste hours a week doing mundane things like laundry. Their service is ideal for people who work full-time and overtime. With a 40-60 hour work week, who has time for hours of laundry? Got Laundry? firmly believes that time spent doing laundry could be better spent doing enjoyable activities with loved ones.

For a limited time, Got Laundry? is offering 30% off to new customers for their first month of pick-up and delivery laundry or dry cleaning services. Laundry no longer needs to be a chore with Got Laundry?

About Got Laundry?, LLC and Ray Wall
Ray Wall was born and raised in a small city in New Jersey. He entered the working world at a very young age and over the course of his life has been employed as a chef, EMT, registered nurse, and a pediatric home care nurse. After endless battles with his wife regarding who should be responsible for doing all the laundry in the house (Ray and his wife and seven kids), he finally admitted defeat and started doing it all on his own. Oddly enough, he discovered that he actually loved to do laundry. With seven kids and a wife who's a nurse, he's encountered every single type of stain imaginable and has created an innovative system to eradicate stains, keep whites whiter, and bright colors even brighter.

General Contact Information

Name: Ray Wall, Owner and Founder
Company Name: Got Laundry?, LLC

PO Box 57124
Philadelphia, PA 19111

Phone Number: 215-971-5408
Fax Number: 610-623-0874
Email Address:
Website: http://www.gotlaundrydelivers.comm

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