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Got Text Neck? Posture Pump Is Here to Help

Dump the Hump with Posture Pump® and avoid stooped posture and painful neck and back stiffness as you age!


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- There's been an uptick in patients complaining about upper back and neck pain – and doctors have finally put a name to the phenomenon. "Text neck" is the phrase used to describe the health condition where the neck is jutted forward – usually when texting on a smartphone or looking at a computer screen.

When done for an extended period of time, this exaggerated movement can cause muscle strain around the neck and upper back muscles, causing significant neck, back, and head pain. Severe text neck can even lead to slouched posture or the formation of the dreaded "hump."

That's why Posture Pump®, manufacturer and online retailer of innovative back and neck pain products, is encouraging clients to "dump the hump" with their line of doctor-approved and certified products. These products are all designed to achieve the following:

Relieve painful neck and upper back stiffness, headaches, and fatigue

Shapes and restores those vital proper curves of the neck and back

Decompress and hydrate compressed discs

Decrease disc bulging

Reduce and correct forward head, neck, and upper back (hump) posture

Apply reversing pressure to upper back humps

Improve flexibility and range of motion

"For over 20+ years Posture Pump® products have been recommended by doctors and other healthcare professionals around the world that treat patients with neck and back problems. "Posture Pump® product are designed to provide relief from painful neck and back stiffness and to decompress, shape and lubricate the spine. Considering all the texting, smartphone, tablet and computer usage these days and even more so with the younger generation, NOW is the time to prevent forward compressive posture. Don't wait until it's too late…Avoid Stooped Posture as You Age. Don't let your spine wear out before you do.

Be Flexible, Stand Taller, Look & Feel Younger with Posture Pump®

Posture Pump® products have helped patients experience deep corrective relief at home from painful neck & back stiffness and compressive forward upper body posture. Recently, Posture Pump® was recognized by consumer protection organization Doctor Trusted for their reasonable pricing, customer satisfaction, and protection of sensitive customer data.

To learn more about Posture Pump®, visit their new website at

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