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Got to Go Solar Launches Consumer Awareness Campaign

Solar company kicks off campaign to alert consumers and businesses to solar savings


Castle Hill, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- South Wales allows businesses to write off any depreciable assets up to $6,500, allowing these businesses to claim a percentage of their solar power system in the upcoming tax year. Only small businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million p.a. qualify for this program, yet many who qualify fail to take advantage of the program. "Companies need to consider making the switch to solar power with the help of Got to Go Solar as systems typically pay for themselves within a three to five year period," Aaron Smith, spokesperson for Got to Go Solar, explains.

Companies often fail to realize they don't need to own the building to make use of the program. Anyone leasing a space from a landlord can still make use of the program. All that is needed is an agreement between the tenant and the landlord, one detailing the responsibilities of each party with regards to the Solar PV system.

"Consider making use of solar leasing as this allows a business to take advantage of a solar system without paying high up-front costs. Companies who do so save on electricity usage and improve the local image of the business as many are concerned about the current state of the environment. All installers come with CEC accreditation so one can feel confident knowing the work will be done properly every time," Smith continues.

Homeowners also benefit from the installation of a solar system. Programs are offered to help homeowners pay for the installation, and different systems allow each client to find the one which best meets his or her needs. Other options to consider include solar air con and Got to Go solar hot water.

"Contact Got to Go Solar today for an obligation free assessment of the home or business to determine the correct solar system size for the residence or building. With the help of the appropriate solar power system, one finds he or she saves a great deal of money on power bills and some may qualify for a no-money down finance program. The sooner one contacts Got to Go Solar, the sooner he or she begins saving on power needs," Smith proclaims.

About Got to Go Solar
Got to Go Solar, an experienced solar company, installs commercial and residential solar power systems. In business for more than ten years, the production team understands solar systems as they have seen it all, and all installers/electricians are CEC Certified Installers, ensuring quality work at all time. The company's mission remains to make solar systems affordable to a wide range of clients, partnering with great international companies to offer exceptional performance on solar installations at reasonable prices.