GotCoreValues! Launches Crowdfunding Project via Indiegogo to Help Schools Create Happy Cultures

Schools and kids languishing in an outmoded educational system have a whole new avenue of academic achievement to explore.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Three years ago, GotCoreValues! Founder and CEO Sandi Herrera began working with Las Vegas’ Clark County School System. At that time the school system serving Las Vegas had two distinctions; it was the fifth largest school district in the country and ranked near the bottom in terms of academic achievement and student wellbeing.

What Ms. Herrera discovered is that the culture the kids were learning in wasn’t conducive to the educational process. Leveraging her extensive experience with enhancing corporate cultures she got to work on changing the culture of a number of schools across Las Vegas.Three years later, school officials are very pleased with the results they’re seeing with GotCoreValues! Kids are happier and getting better grades.

What made the difference?
Studies show that mere organizational reform in schools is bound to fail without cultural reform! If you actively build a culture with input from the entire community, all members of that community will be happier and more empowered- therefore, more efficient, engaged, and productive. Test scores rise naturally as a byproduct of increased student happiness, of an overall better and more enjoyable school experience.

Five schools in Las Vegas want to the GotCoreValues! Team to create a happy culture for their students but lack the necessary funds in their budget. Ms. Herrera launched her crowdfunding campaign to raise the $50,000 these schools will need over the next ten months to make the cultural changes needed to foster a positive, productive school environment.

Future plans include a gradual nationwide expansion to roll out Ms. Herrera’s proven methods for improving academic performance to schools across the country. A long-term goal is change the way schools teach kids so America can look forward to future generations of educated, well-rounded and happy individuals.

This crowdfunding campaign ends September 30, 2014.

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About Sandi Herrera
With over 18 years of experience innovating corporate culture at several trans-national companies including Zapps, Sandi Herrera brings her expertise to the place where it matters most: our schools. Her approach is pragmatic and effective, inspiring and beautiful, and socially and philosophically important. She’s getting kids and teachers excited about school! She empowers others to own and pursue their passions, builds community, and invests in the future in a real, effective, and profoundly human way.