Gotham Cigars Announces $5 off on All Captain Black Little Cigars


Miami, Fl -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Gotham Cigars, America’s online cigar store since 2011, announces $5 off on its collection of Captain Black Little Cigars. They are known for their famous tasting of Captain Black Pipe tobacco, these little gems offer a mild taste with a sheet wrapper and a blend of Indonesian, Philippine and United States tobaccos. These famous captain black little cigars are available in filter and sweet as well as three other delicious flavors. Gotham Cigars offers the freshest products at unbelievable prices. They work directly with brands like Swisher Sweets, Fuente Cigars, Olivia, Drew Estate and many more to pall along savings to customers.

Gotham Cigars is renowned among cigar lovers in search of high quality brands including Gurkha, Arturo Fuente and Acid Cigars as well as top-of-the-line humidors ranging from starter kits to limited editions. Gotham Cigars has truly stepped up as a premier online cigar outlet with their most recent web site developments. Gotham Cigars is the best choice for premium cigars, period! They sell many major brands of premium cigars, humidors and cigar samples. Their cheap cigar prices give customers the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of quality cigar products.

They are well-known for providing the freshest and finest selection of filtered cigars as well. They provide a wide variety of filtered cigars like Blackstone filtered cigars, Double Diamond and Gambler filtered cigars. They offer customers cheap, high quality cigars online. Regardless of one’s favorite brand or style or if one prefers flavored cigars or traditional blends, Gotham Cigars has a wide variety of cigars at the best possible prices. Their selection of cigars consists of more than 150 different styles and brands.

Cigar lovers can also find the best variety of flavored cigars at this famous online store. Flavored cigars are perfect for regular cigar smokers looking for a treat as well as for beginners who have not found a favorite cigar yet. People will love the rich taste and excellent finish of the flavored little cigars from recognizable names such as Muriel, Winchester and Captain Black. They update their prices constantly, so that customers can always be treated to the best possible prices when they buy flavored or machine made cigars.

Gotham Cigars works on the plain and simple principles of five star customer service, fast shipping, and a huge selection. They built their business on these 3 points and strive to provide valued customers the best online shopping experience possible. All the cigars are thoroughly inspected by the manufacturers prior to arriving at their facility. They developed their site to be easy for customers to navigate to the products they are looking for. To know more visit