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GoToPhysicianAssistantSchool.com Provides Practical Advice to Applicants


Grayson, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Dave DuBose, P.A. is announcing later today in a public statement that www.GoToPAschool.com is offering a free video course to help students avoid common application mistakes. The website itself offers tips, resources, and practical guidance to help those trying to gain acceptance into Physician Assistant Programs succeed.

Dave DuBose, P.A., media contact, was asked why he decided to launch the Physician Assistant Schools website in the first place. "What many people do not realize is physician assistant programs are very competitive and therefore, the schools that offer the programs can be very selective. I finished my P.A. program in 1999 and found that many students were struggling to gain acceptance so I began helping anyway I could. I never planned to begin the website, but it was by the encouragement of some of the students I helped get into a P.A. program. It was a way to share what I knew with a wider audience, so I decided to create www.GoToPAschool.com".

"There are certain mistakes I have seen applicants make over the years and so I decided to put together a free video course entitled, 'Top 7 Mistakes PA Applicants Make and How to Avoid Them'. It amazed me that these same 7 mistakes kept being made - so it seemed by putting these in a video course would make it easier for applicants to refer back to", said DuBose, P.A.

Asked if he knew some 'secret' on How To Become A Physician Assistant, DuBose said,"No, I don't have some quick 1-2-3 you're in program at all. The applicant still has to have the grades, take the right college prep courses including the anatomy and physiology along with the labs as well as have a good GRE score. As a mentor, I am always honest with students that the road to becoming a P.A. is not an easy one, but the reward of being able to practice makes the hard road worth it in the end".

DuBose, P.A. continued by saying, "GoToPAschool.com is designed to be a resource mecca and those interested in getting into a physicians assistant program will find useful articles such as interviewing tips, letters of recommendation, the PA mindset, crafting your personal statement, and many others. Under each heading are several articles that are all practical advice so applicants can learn how to be in the top running when the schools make their decision of who they will admit".

Finally, DuBose, P.A. was asked what he thinks the future of http://www.GoToPAschool.com is. "I think it's pretty bright and its allowed me to work with an even larger audience than I had when I only mentored to students at Emory. I plan to continue building the site with more resources and continuing to help those that want to become a physician assistant".

David DuBose, P.A. graduated from Emory University School of Medicine having earned his degree in the Physician Assistant program. While he was still a student at Emory, he became the seminar leader for the various PA student conferences and he also volunteered doing community service. After graduating in 1999, he agreed to be a volunteer Mentor and Preceptor at Emory. Since then he has mentored hundreds of students in the PA program. In addition, he is part of the PA admissions committee at Emory University. The website, GoToPAschool.com allows him to further work with students all over the country.