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Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs Continues to Impress Dog Owners

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Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2014 -- Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs continues to impress dog parents, which proves that chicken jerky products should not be avoided altogether.

Dog owners need not worry about giving chicken jerky treats to their dogs as long as they choose the products that are made in the USA. One such product is Lena’s Pet Products Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs , which continuously earns dog parents’ approval. They experience first hand how their dogs absolutely love these treats and how nutritious and healthy it is for them.

In addition to being made in the USA and made from high-quality chicken breast, Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs is also 100% natural. It is not added with any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Moreover, it is also gluten-free, which is very important as some dogs may be allergic to gluten, a protein derived from wheat and other related grains such as barley and rye. Thus far, dog owners who have given these treats to their four-legged friends have only praises for it.

“It seems like we are always hearing about some dog treat that has made our beloved dogs sick. I do extensive research before I buy any treats for my dog. I will only buy a product that is made in the USA. I was glad to have found this product, and our dog LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it. If I could post a video, you would see her smiling as she is getting ready to receive her treat. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. You, (and your animals) will not be disappointed.” – Brenda, Gourmet Chicken Jerky Treats customer

About Lena’s Pet Products
Lena’s Pet Products is one of the top producers of high quality and highly effective supplements for various pets from dogs and cats to birds. They provide top notch products that contain the right amount of nutrients for your pets. Every product that they offer has been made in the United States and is based on strict health and safety standards.

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