Gourmet Spotting Delivers the Best Gourmet Products from Around the World, Every Month to Your Doorstep


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- If someone asked you what your dream job would be, what would you answer? Perhaps, traveling the world, meet fascinating people and hear their stories, and eat mouth-watering food along the way? That is exactly what Sandro and Aman, the founders of Gourmet Spotting, have done. They have hiked in the Himalayas while sipping on Darjeeling tea, eating black squid ink spaghetti in Sevilla, Spain with a glass of sangria, or obsessively searching for amazing Lomo Saltado in Peru before climbing the infamous Machu Picchu. The company’s witty tag, “modern day food hunting”, is a perfect description of what they do. Those passions have led them to this delicous start-up, Gourmet Spotting.

Now they are back to New York City and have just launched their newest venture: Gourmet Spotting. Gourmet Spotting is a monthly subscription box of gourmet food and snacks: for only $29.99/month users receive a box of 4 to 6 hand-picked gourmet products. The tasting team sources the best products and tries them: only those that pass rigorous tests are selected and added to the monthly tasting box. Also, if Sandro and Aman can’t get their palettes to agree, it won’t make the cut. They are also introducing a shop section where you can re-buy products that are in the monthly Tasting Box and a few more unique gourmet products, as well as themed boxes, like the Truffle Tasting Box – a Tasting Box with products with Italian truffles.

“There are so many amazing products that don’t reach your local supermarket or grocery store” said Sandro Diazzi, a Gourmet Spotting co-founder. “have you ever tried tamarind fusion granola or porcini mushroom balsamic vinegar? How about lavander brownies? Mind blowing!” continues Sandro, listing an endless number of products that they have discovered throughout the United States and worldwide. Sandro always had a deep relationship with food and wine especially growing up in Italy and being surrounded by food that people dream of trying. His nonna (grandmother in Italian) taught him how to make fresh pasta at the age of 8. Throughout his life he has worked as a butcher, barista, and even went to cooking school. The majority of his career has been in private equity, but he kept wanting to do something more with his roots and love of food.

Aman Sarkaria, the other co-founder, grew up in Chicago and was raised with healthy home cooked meals as being an important value. “We never ate frozen food and never knew what it was” says Aman.  “My parents were born and raised in India, the word organic didn’t exist, it just was chemical and hormone free. I was very lucky that even though my parents were both working, my mom and dad always made sure we were eating fresh and healthy. It is a blessing to have been around a mother who was an amazing chef.” She grew up in a small business environment and she knew that would always be her path, it was second nature for her. “At Gourmet Spotting we really believe in supporting small businesses, whether in the US or international. We want to help them grow and share their passions and stories. It’s about people and sharing something positive.”


Gourmet Spotting has a social twist as well: the company donates a meal to charity for every box that they ship to consumers. Their stance is that even though food is a luxury, it is more importantly a necessity first.

Launched in mid-November 2012, Gourmet Spotting has been flooded with subscription requests by friends and through word of mouth. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to deliver great food to your doorstep, while doing something good for the community” continues Aman. “Producers put their heart and soul into making these products, and buyers are becoming conscious of supporting local and small companies. It’s a win-win” concludes Sandro.

The first curated box includes exclusive and high end products such as fresh pasta and white truffle oil imported from Italy, a gourmet hot sauce from upstate New York, a sampling of teas that could be found at the Ritz and the Waldorf Astoria, and a chocolate tasting from Madagascar. My mouth is already watering. I asked them, “What can we expect next month?” They laughed and said, “it’s a delicious surprise, but we will give you a hint. It takes up to 75,000 flowers to make one pound and about 40 hours to make…” I have to google this.

About Gourmet Spotting
Gourmet Spotting is the leading food discovery subcription box service that helps consumers try gourmet products from around the world. Launched in November 2012 in New York City, the service offers a unique value proposition of high quality and hard to find products delivered to the doorstep once a month.

Press contacts: Aman Sarkaria, - 917 371 2335