Government Programs to Stop Foreclosure : Stop Foreclosure Following Free Steps

Foreclosure is a looming reality for many American citizens. If they can’t pay their mortgage, their lender (or mortgage holder) is within their rights to take back ownership of the property, and even re-sell it.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- There are several government programs to help stop foreclosure. can help you protect your home in times of financial stress with the following federal programs:

1. The Mortgage Modification Program
2. Government Stop Foreclosure Site
3. Project Lifeline
4. FHA Secure Initiative Program

The Mortgage Modification Program

This is a relatively new government program to stop foreclosure. President Obama initiated this plan to help homeowners change the terms and conditions on their mortgages. This helps the mortgage become more affordable, and the homeowner will be able to may these smaller payments, and prevent foreclosure. If a homeowner is in financial trouble, all they need to do is apply for the program. Previously, the application procedure was complicated and confusing. It was recently re-done and overhauled to become more user-friendly. As a result, more people are using this program to save their homes.

Government Grants To Stop Foreclosure, Save Home And Secure Future At Low Rates!!

Government Stop Foreclosure Site

The government’s stop foreclosure site,, is a great way to find grants that will help stop foreclosure. Up to 800 billion dollars is up for grabs on this debt relief site. Users must apply for the appropriate grants and incentives for help with their mortgage. Those who are given money tend to be in financial trouble. You must use whatever money you are awarded to help pay off your home.

Project Lifeline

Project lifeline is literally a timesaver; a lifeline for your home. It is a government programs to stop foreclosure by buying you time to get through the legalities of foreclosure. It postpones the proceedings so that you can get your life in order, whether this is getting the money to continue making payments, or whether it is cutting your losses and finding a more affordable place to live. You will have the time to make these decisions before your home is foreclosed on.

FHA Secure Initiative Program

The Federal Housing Administration has another way for the government to help you stop foreclosure. Their Secure Initiative Program protects homes by educating homeowners in financial trouble about their options. It also investigates and protects against lenders charging excessive interest fees and late fees. The Secure Initiative Program is offering two kinds of protection: protection in the form of understanding your situation and where to proceed, and protecting in the form of the government not allowing you to be taken advantage of.

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