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GPHOF Reports on Missing Key Facts from SeekingAlpha Article

GPHOF has outlined a number of key facts missing from Seeking Alpha’s recent editorial on ways to solve Tesla’s graphite problem, essential for them to develop the new generation of car batteries.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Highly regarded research analyst for natural commodities Gareth Hatch recently published an article speculating on plausible solutions to Tesla’s graphite problem. The company will require over a hundred thousand tons of naturally sourced, battery grade graphite a year to fulfil their 2020 goal to create five hundred million battery powered cars. In investigating solutions however, GPHOF Reports has drawn attention to a glaring omission in the research, revealing a information about the Graphite One Resources Inc. , one of companies that can be involved in “Graphite Race”.

GPHOF Reports is a site that offers information primarily to investors on Graphite deposits, Graphite Juniors and more, they identified Graphite One Resources Inc several weeks ago in relation to Tesla’s gigafactory as a potential source. When they were left out of the Seeking Alpha article, GPHOF aimed to redress the balance by inviting the management to address the challenges from Seeking Alpha’s article one by one in regards to their own operation.

The exclusive interview was inspiring to say the least, explaining the company’s plans for thermal purification of high grade Graphite, their low strip ratio and high concentration of high grade graphite. The management emphasizes the fact that they have the closest proximity to the south-western US Tesla plant, relative to competitors in Madagascar and Mozambique, and have high level of surface-level deposits to keep costs low.

A spokesperson for GPHOF Reports explained, “The problem with graphite supplies can be solved efficiently and right here within the US with the benefit of Graphite One Resources Inc and other qualified graphite mining companies. Tesla’s PR already made a statement. We can only assume that the researchers did not hit upon this young and up and coming mining company, which is why we went the extra mile to offer them the opportunity to speak for themselves. They have done so at length, and addressed point by point how they can meet the challenges of the Tesla gigafactory, it makes for very exciting reading.”

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