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Medical Alert Systems with GPS Takes Elderly Care to the Next Level

For many years, medical alert systems that have GPS tracking capabilities were only a dream. However, advancement in technology means the elderly can now have the kind of independence they want and still call for emergency help as and when they need. reviews these devices and what med alert companies have to offer.


Yonkers, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Medical alert systems have been helping elderly parents live independent lives for the past couple of decades. However, medical alert alert systems with GPS have taken this independence to a whole new level, adding the benefit of allowing elderly parents and people with disabilities, the ability be out and about, and yet get emergency medical help when needed.

Over the years, medical alert systems have given customers the capability to get help when the need arises whilst at home, and within about a few hundred feet away from the base station of the alert device. However, there are many elderly people and those with disabilities who want to be independent and would like to perhaps visit a friend or a family member. And not being able to use their emergency help button whilst away has been a real concern.

The good news though is that over the last couple of years, medical alert systems have kept pace with advancement in technology. There are now alert devices with GPS tracking capabilities. This is really a breadth of fresh air for those who use personal emergency response systems.

Established in mid 2011, is a website that reviews different medical alert systems and devices, publishing findings to help people make informed purchasing decisions. We got in touch with Nahum Sieger, the admin of the website and this what he had to say:

"We conduct a lot of reviews and gather real customer opinions on various medical alert systems. We then publish our findings on the website. Simple as that. We are not affiliated with any of these medical alert companies in any way so there is no biase in our reviews. As much as possible, we can try to provide our readers with the most accurate and current information so they can decide for themselves."

"Medical alert systems with GPS and fall detection have become quite popular these days. So our latest review focused on these devices what they offer to users. During the review we found that there are three main competitors, among others, who provide this kind of service to the elderly and the physically hindered. Those who want to find out the details of our findings should visit at," Nahum Sieger added.

"However, just like any other product on the market that is for sale, there is always competition. Users may not know which one to select and that is why review websites such as this one are very popular. Prospective customers are able to know which different kind of service providers are out there, when they visit review sites. They also get to know the type of product support and a history of after sales customer service so they can figure out what kind of support they should expect to get."

Additionally, the med alert systems blog extends their expert reviews into other kinds of emergency personal monitoring systems such as bracelets, alert charms and home security systems.

Consumers interested in acquiring medical alert systems with GPS tracking capabilities should visit and read the latest review by clicking on this link

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