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GPS Running Tracker Runtopia Now Available for Download on Google Play


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2016 -- Runtopia, a minimalist running app and GPS tracking tool, is now available for download on Google Play. An app designed to teach users how to keep running during the winter, Runtopia tracks runs and functions as a running community.

Many people choose to run to burn out extra calories as well as improve their stamina and mood. Running on the treadmill can help an individual track his speed and distance, but it's a completely different story when one runs in the real world. It is impossible to know a person's distance and speed and whether he is achieving his fitness goals without some help, especially during the winter season. Runtopia aims to solve this concern by measuring the user's workout jogging and helping him reach his goals even during icy conditions.

When the weather or cold or the road is slippery because of ice, the user can go back to an indoor gym with treadmills and depend on Runtopia to record data on their treadmill running and motivate themselves to continue to progress. Whether the user wants to set a new record or run his first race, the app provides the motivation and measurement needed to run faster and farther than before. It is designed for beginner runners and marathon veterans. They can see their ranking, medals and achievement awards. Runners can also demonstrate their Personal Best, upgrade to new levels and constantly refresh their personal record as well as observe and celebrate every milestone they achieve. Runners from the global community can share stories and expertise and help others improve their running skills and make friends.

About Runtopia
Runtopia's all-round running recording function provides accurate statistics and detail. It also has a real-time audio reminder and real-time tracking function that tracks the runner's speed, elevation changes, distance, route map, pace and calorie burn. Runners can share information on social networks including Instagram, Wechat, Twitter and Instagram. Runners can also participate in charity fund-raising and complete their designated running task to get cash rewards. They can join the global run and yearly online marathon league as well as win awards and credit rankings.

With Runtopia, runners no longer need to stop running due to icy conditions. They can still run and use the app to measure their speed and pace. Runtopia is also available for download on the App Store and its official website.

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