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A tracking device loaded with features


Guangdong Province, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- TK102 Mini Global Real Time 4 bands GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker is more than a car accessory, it is a device that can handle some pretty intense heavy lifting. The most incredible feature of this tracker is its size. Due to its compactness the tracker offers ease of handling and also occupies little space to give the driver of the car, maximum comfort.

There are many other unique features of this tracker, but one feature that forms the fundamental basis of the tracker’s operation is its ability to update the driver with real time changes in the driving platform. The tracker based on location can update longitude and latitude and can inform the changes to the driver by incorporating the changes in the route. The tracker also helps the driver stay informed about the speed of the vehicle. This information can then be used to change driving conditions and maintain safety.

A feature that stands out to be the best and probably one of the most advanced is the GPS tracker’s ability to keep the driver informed about the latest orientation even in places where the signal may not be strong. This information can help the driver keep his route active and not get lost in the process of connecting the dots. Also, if the driver does not want to enter a particular region and is not quite sure of the location of the spot, he or she can use the Geo fence function to keep away from entering such areas.

The TK102 Mini Global Real Time 4 bands GSM/GPRS/ GPS tracker is a must have owing to the above mentioned features. There are other features as well that let the user stay protected from possible problems and have a smooth tension free ride no matter where he goes and how he chooses to go there. Claimed to be the smallest commercial GPS tracker, this device can be conveniently bought online.

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