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GPSWOX Emerges as Preferred Global GPS Tracking Solutions


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2015 -- GPSWOX has become the most sought after GPS tracking solutions for both personal and business use. According to the experts, the most important reasons behind the same include all and effective features, reasonable prices and best support.

When contacted, a representative from the company said, "We are glad to see such great response for our tracking software. GPSWOX allows you to get instant notifications about any particular event. GPS server helps user to optimize his work, reduce costs, care personal things and a lot more." He further added, "One can effortlessly track and access all important features of GPSWOX on their tablet or mobile. They can download for free 'Mobile GPS Tracker' app on Samsung smartphone, iPhone and Lumia and change their device into GPS tracker."

GPSWOX is suitable for personal use for tracking vehicle, person, bike, and animals, mobile and for different size of business (fleet management). Currently, it has over 10k customers all around the world. GPSWOX has a number of features such as Real-Time Tracking allowing users to see the location of objects in real time on their desired map, including Google, OSM, Satellite and more, History and Reports feature helps one to preview or download reports in diverse formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV and TXT. It provides reports about stopovers, driving hours, distance traveled, fuel consumption and more.

Fuel Savings feature of this tracking software allows people to check the level of tank fuel and total fuel use along the route. The Geofence feature helps users to install geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for them. Using POI (Points of Interest) feature, one can add markers at the important locations, including a hotel, gas station, a restaurant, a shopping mall etc. The mobile feature is helpful in easily tracking and accessing all GPSWOX features on mobile or tablet. SMS Gateway helps in getting SMS to cell phone about specific events including geofencing, SOS alarms, speeding, theft, engine and on/off.  The software supports diverse accessories and sensors like camera, microphone, driver identification, battery sensor, door ON/OFF, ACC ON/OFF, engine ON/OFF, fuel tank sensor, GSM sensor, odometer sensor and more.

GPSWOX is a white label GPS tracking software that was developed in Germany in 2014. Now GPSWOX has over 10k customers all around the world.

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