GPSWOX Unveils Handy Tracking Software

Combines the benefits of powerful tracking features and user friendly interface


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- GPSWOX, a company renowned for its software solutions has come up with tracking software that has several advantages for business owners in today's times.

The company has hit the right notes with its smartly designed software solutions that work well for personal and business users. Its latest software also has practical applications in the business world where it is critical to know the location of team members at all times. There was a need for a GPS tracking system, which GPSWOX has filled with its practical solution that is quite easy to use as well.

So what are the crucial features of this software? For starters this software facilitates real time tracking, which allows business owners to know the exact physical location of their employees. Business owners can not only know where they are but follow their delivery route, sales area and distance from the office too. The software also has provisions for notifications when the delivery is made or employees reach a particular area for example.

Thus real time tracking ensures that business owners have more control over their teams, and can run their operations more efficiently. By routing the delivery staff more effectively, business owners can also save fuel. Team members will be shown a more efficient route from one point to another, and as a result business owners can save time, fuel and thereby precious money as well.

Geofencing is another feature of the software created by GPSWOX. Thanks to this feature business owners can set boundaries for their staff. Whether it is the location they should work within or a particular area they should avoid, Geonfencing gives complete power in the hands of business owners who can reduce the time wasted in making deliveries etc.

Finally, POI and Tools ensure that business owners can optimize all these benefits by creating customized routes by adding various points of interest including gas stations, hotels etc. This option is very handy for team members when they are in unfamiliar areas. The company can also save fuel and time. All the features and their execution can be monitored via mobile devices to stay on top of things at all times.

The company headquartered in London has earned its reputation on the back of its software solutions that allow users to optimize work, save costs and protect their personal information as well.

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