Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Introduces Equine Assisted Therapy to Its Vast Array of Addiction Treatment Modalities


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2016 -- Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, a South Florida leading addiction treatment center, is proud to announce today that they have added Equine Assisted Psychotherapy amongst their already extensive list of therapy programs.

Equine Assisted therapy is a highly recognized and valued therapeutic modality used in addiction treatment centers across the world and provided to Gracious Care Recovery Solutions' clients by Dr. Blair Barone-Rice, a licensed Psychologist, and former Associate Professor and Senior Psychologist at Harvard Medical School, with over 25 years of experience working in recovery.

At the Horse Whisperer Rehab, Dr. Barone-Rice provides a one of kind program where rescue horses and animals serve as experiential therapy which fosters healing and promotes psychological growth. Clinical research has documented that just being in the presence of a horse for as little as five minutes significantly reduces stress, blood pressure, deceases feelings of anxiety, depression, and changes brain wave patterns.

Equine therapy helps clients discover underlying issues such as unconscious conflicts, unresolved trauma, repressed emotions, ineffective problem solving skills, or maladaptive relationship patterns that may be difficult to identify and explore in traditional talk therapy. Clients develop a greater sense of self awareness and understanding of the impact their choices have on themselves and others and learn how to make better choices that are healthy and productive.

Dr. Barone-Rice eloquently expresses the beauty and amazing impact that equine therapy and her program has on the recovering addict.

"For centuries, these mystical animals have helped man discover new frontiers. They have transported us across new land and have carried us into battle. They have also enriched our lives by helping us till the soil to grow food and provide sport entertainment and finance for our pleasure. Today, horses are helping us discover another foreign land… the mind, body, spirit connection. Horses are said to be the mirrors of human emotion and levels of consciousness. That is why therapeutically horses are helping millions of addicts and alcoholics around the world. And so today, we have choices for horses to lead us on another destination… man's journey home to his soul". (Barone-Rice, 2016).

Positive change, emotional growth, and personal empowerment are all among the benefits of participating in an effective experiential therapy program such as Equine Assisted Therapy. Through meaningful therapeutic interactions with horses, clients metaphorically create experiences that build character and long term sobriety. Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is blessed to have this wonderful addition to their program led by Dr. Barone-Rice, a truly remarkable and spirit-filled woman.

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