Graduation Stoles Retailer Offers Free Anti-Drunk-Driving Wristbands for Graduates


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 --, an online leader in retailing of graduation stoles, is pleased to announce they have recently launched their "Graduates Against Drunk Driving" awareness campaign during this 2013 prom-graduation season. As a way to raise awareness of the promotion, they have elected to give away an attractive wristband embossed with "Graduates Against Drunk Driving." to all its graduating customers.

Mrs. Kiva Jones Akoto, Marketing director of stated that the tragedy which can be caused by young people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be prevented, and that the company is proud to make this small gesture to all the graduates that participate.

Their hope is that, through the awareness of the program, that many young people will wear the wrist bands, and they might feel less pressure to drink and drive. Peer pressure plays such a huge part in these graduation events, and Akoto hopes that if many of the young graduates wear the bands, then they might feel empowered enough to resist peer pressure to drink and drive.

Sadly each year, throughout the United States, there are hundreds of graduates that are injured or killed needlessly due to drunk driving. In fact, impaired driving makes up a very high percentage of all deaths caused, within the under-20 population in the US.

These embossed wristbands are also available for schools and organizations to purchase in volume for their graduating seniors, by communicating with the company via email at The company intends to make these as available as possible, in order to promote the message of sober driving. Additionally, the company is including other items with each stole that is purchased. There is a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for family and friends of the graduate. These are suitable for framing, and an affectionate way to express appreciation at graduation time.

All parties that are interested in learning more about the Students Against Drunk Driving wrist band program are invited to visit the company website as this prom-graduation season has just began.

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