Graffen Now Offering Print Management Solutions


Conshohocken, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Over the past twenty years or so, the cost of printers has dropped dramatically. However, the cost of printer ink has remained relatively expensive. Furthermore, maintenance of printers can be a costly expense. Many industry representatives claim that even some efficient businesses are spending about 2-3% of their total revenue on printing and document production. Some owners may be spending even more on printing and they aren’t likely to cut those costs without some help. Thankfully, the professionals at Graffen are now offering print management solutions.

With over a half-century of experience, Graffen has learned a thing or two about managing costs. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, it can be an overwhelming task to identify areas of waste. In some instances, purchasing will catch onto the fact that printer toner is being ordered very frequently. In other organizations, that same issue may go undiscovered for years. Similarly, routine repairs, maintenance, and service on printers may raise a red flag for a business owner. However, even once overspending has been identified, it is still difficult to find an adequate solution to the problem.

Graffen has become an industry leader in multiple areas including: copier leasing in Philadelphia, IT solutions, dictation solutions, and print management. Graffen has developed a fail proof method of managing print costs for any organization. Graffen will handle a multitude of printing factors, including: proper allocation, asset management, monitoring, preventive service, notifications, inventory management, and even recycling. With all of these aspects of printing being managed by Graffen, business owners will be saving time and money. Whether it is questions on copier leasing in King of Prussia or print management in Philadelphia, Graffen will work to make any business more efficient.

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For the past five decades, Graffen has been providing integrated business solutions to customers all over the tri-state area. With dedicated customer support systems, Graffen seeks to provide support and solutions that businesses will come to them for years after their initial needs have been met. To view a list of their services available, please visit their website for more information.

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