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Grand Opening for Apex Personal Training and Nutrition Gym


Corpus Christi, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- Apex Personal Training & Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of a new health and fitness gym in Corpus Christi. The facility is dedicated to empower customers to achieve their fitness goals. The gym is noted for the fact that it offers group personal training classes. This is a welcome feature for those who don't have the budget or inclination to hire a dedicated personal trainer.

According to a spokesperson for Apex Personal Training and Nutrition, "We help members identify their personal physical objects. We can then assist in determining the most efficient methods to achieve the identified goals. Our excellent training methods blend strength and conditioning principles, with time-tested exercises and loaded movements."

She continues, "There are plenty of places where people can work out in Corpus Christi, but we wanted to start a health and fitness gym in Corpus which operates by core values of integrity, innovation and perseverance".

Those individuals who hope for unparalleled experiences in fitness training programs are encouraged to experience group fitness programs which are designed and led by certified fitness professionals. The group sessions easily accommodate the abilities of beginners or of professional athletes, since the trainers adapt sessions to ensure all members of the group are challenged. Group fitness programs are revised daily so that the chance of hitting plateaus is reduced.

Individual fitness programs are also available when one-on-one personal training is desired. A workout plan will be prepared to reach or exceed the goals of the client. The starting point can vary from one person to another, so the program is designed to challenge the client without overwhelming them physically. The individual trainers will work with clients to schedule a convenient training time.

Apex Personal Training & Nutrition offers another new and innovative device known as the Fit3D Pro Scanner. It is a three-dimensional body scanner which captures an image of the human body. The 360-degree scanner extracts the most common measurements used in fitness program tracking. This device requires only a forty second scan. There are only two other such devices in Texas, one in Austin and one in Houston.

During the opening celebrations, Apex offers a special guest appearance with IFBB Pro Women's Physique Miss Kentucky and Texas Pro Champion/2015 Olympian Sheronicia Henton! There will be samples and raffles. A free workout on the house is another plus. Apex offers discounts for first responders, military and educational personnel.

Contact Information:
Company Name: Apex Personal Training & Nutrition
Address: 4117 S. Staples, Ste 260, Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Contact Telephone Number: 361-336-6320