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Grand Opening of Stainless Cookware Retailer: is a new online retailer of stainless steel cookware and other products for the serious home chefs. The online store's grand opening features many choices of products all aimed at home chefs who want to get serious about cooking.


Bossier City, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Stainless Steel has always been a popular cooking product for beginner chefs and cooking enthusiasts due to its durability and uniform heating. With recent health risks associated with some of the cheaper non-stick cookware products more and more people are returning to stainless steel and cast iron in the kitchen. is a new online store that hopes to cater to cooking enthusiasts and those who prefer something more aesthetically-pleasing and healthy in their kitchen.

"We are all cooking enthusiasts," says owner Claudene Schmidt. "Therefore, it was a labor of love to seek out those products that not only were quality products that we would use ourselves, but also something affordable. Our goal was to find quality stainless steel cookware and non-stick products that are safe and durable. We believe we have done that successfully with our catalog."

The online store carries cookware by the sets or in individual pieces, as well as, several choices of products that home chefs will enjoy using.

The website sells:

Cookware sets
Serving sets
Chef's Secret accessories such as whisks and tongs

The goal of their online store was to provide a one-stop-shop for those building a kitchen collection from scratch or those adding on to it. From basic sets to more advanced, customers will find everything to create the perfect home kitchen.

"We wanted to provide everything you could possibly need when moving in to your first home or apartment," says Claudene Schmidt, "and items for the more advanced cook. If we don't have what our customers are looking for, by all means, we want to know."

The website is located at:

Stainless Cookware offers everything from Stock Pots, Skillets, Electric Hot Pots, Divided Electric Hot Pots, oversized Stainless Steel Steamers, and many more. has all your cookware needs in one location.

To learn more about this company and its products, please contact
Claudene Schmidt, owner
Bossier City, LA