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Grand Vapor Trident Clone Released by Mad Vapes

Grand Vapor Trident clone has been reviewed and used by Vape Dingo.


Thousand Oaks, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- The Grand Vapor Trident Clone is top of its class for an RDA. This RDA makes building coils easy as it comes with post cut outs that are covered with flathead screw caps. It also has an top cap with adjustable air flow, which most clones completely fail to duplicate, but this Grand Vapor Trident Clone nails is to a tee.

Out of the box the Trident clone comes pre-built with a silica which that seems to 6-8 wrapped in 30 gauge kanthal wire. Its advised to remove the initial build out and discard it and begin to clean the RDA thoroughly. Being manufactured in China, ensure that it is cleaned of any debris, liquids, or machine oils that may have had contact with the atomizer. Simple soap and warm water does the trick and after about 30 minutes you should be ready to build. It is important to always clean equipment thoroughly before use as these products are milled by machines that have excess machine oils and vaping these chemicals are not advisable. Also machining debris are very common out of the box for China made products. Safety is always a top priority when vaping.

The bottom contact on this Trident clone is either brass or copper plated. Firing on the RDA not an issue with this piece, as it has come about in other RDA's from China. Between the easy build space, which can house quad coils easily, and the conductivity of the center pin, this RDA is top of its class and is worth every last penny of the $20 that Mad Vapes is charging for it. It is recommended to use Mad Vapes as they are a USA based company. It is also available on FastTech to purchase this Trident clone for $3 cheaper, but wait time will be anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive it.

A negative that was found is that not all drip tips can easily fit in the top cap. Drip tips with a thicker bottom O-Ring tend to get jammed up when trying to insert. Other drip tips with smaller O-Rings pop in and out with ease. So only negative in a fantastically priced and machined Grand Vapor Trident Clone RDA.

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