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GRANDMA STINKS! Quirky Children's Book Offers Vibrant Illustrations and a Silly, 'Smelly' Story

Written and illustrated by Mark C. Collins, this irreverent little gem of a book will delight both children and parents as they watch little Emma struggle with her Grandma’s stinky presence!


Middletown, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- For many children, grandparents coming to visit means endless fun, tons of presents and lots of treats being sneaked past Mom and Dad.

But for little Emma, the star of Mark C. Collins’ new book, ‘Grandma Stinks!’ - the promise of her grandmother moving in brings a less than positive response. Unfortunately, Emma’s Grandma can only be described as ‘malodorous’ and this stinky issue presents a problem for Emma – who just can’t seem to keep from speaking out to her parents and the reader (but not to Grandma, of course)!

The author’s choice to write in the voice of a young girl was a deliberate one.

“As a male, I naturally have no reference point, nor the sensibility of a young girl, when portraying human emotional responses,” says Collins. “I chose a girl because I liked the contrast between her very expressive reaction to her Grandmother's odor and the fact that she’s a little girl. In society, it’s the norm for boys to vocalize their disgust openly and without tact, but little girls are expected to be polite and dainty. It felt it important to give Emma the chance to be a bit more mischievous while still keeping the sensitive aspect of her nature.”

Cheeky, witty and with an important underlying message of respect, tolerance and love, ‘Grandma Stinks!’ will be a favorite bedtime read for children and parents alike.


When Grandma comes to stay with Emma and her family, something funky comes along with Grandma! Find out what Emma does about it in this smelly, but sensitive story.

Since its release, the book has earned a five star rating on Amazon and enthusiastic reviews from readers.

“This book is awesome! Not only is it a funny story for kids, but adults get a laugh as well. The pictures are unbelievably detailed too!” wrote E.

“Really funny, off-beat story. Kids will love chanting "Grandma Stinks" multiple times throughout with the text. The characters are cute and the art style is a bit retro,” wrote Rhinosaur.

Calling it “a book for all ages”, Constance E. Kline adds: “Wonderful story, for every generation. Filled with illustrations that make you feel like you are watching the story unfold. Heartfelt.”

“What a funny book with the best illustrations! Captivating visually, and what a great story line. Highly recommended for everyone!” wrote Wendy Rall.

‘Grandma Stinks!’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1hm9TjZ

About Mark C.Collins
Mark has been drawing since the age of 2 and spent 20 years as a graphic designer after art school. He has been a professional illustrator since 2001. In the past decade, Mark has done illustrations for textbooks, packaging, magazines, and other authors' books (some of these include Annette R. Burrell's "Danny Cricket" book series, and Mark Shulman's sticker book, "The Insect Invaders" - all available on Amazon.com).