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Granite Tops 2014 Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen featuring black granite countertops, open shelves cabinet and darker paint palettes dominate the Trend Forecast this year as reported by Granite Quartz Store.


Southall, Middlesex -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Lately, kitchen is becoming the central gathering place in a home. For one, it is where food preparation happens. Two, it is where we host lunch or dinner for families and friends. The growing emphasis on food and lifestyle lead the kitchen to be just as presentable and inviting as other portions of the house.

According to Zillow Digs, kitchens featuring black countertops, open shelves or glass-front cabinets and darker paint tones will take center stage this year. The Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report is based on the most popular kitchen photos homeowner selects on Zillow Digs including a survey from members of Zillow Digs Board of designers.


Survey report says black is back for the season. Black granite worktop tops the survey for adding flair and sophistication to any kitchen. The absence of colors makes it essentially neutral working well with bright shades of reds, blues, and greens and can make luminous and vibrant colors really stand out. Darker paint tones on the other hand add a touch of glamour to any room anytime.

A word of caution though, Black paired with darker tones oftentimes don’t work well.


Open shelves kitchen has been under the radar of interior designers for years but now has come forward on the Trends List. “It is now fashionable to display almost everything in the kitchen from dishes to pots and pans to gourmet oils and vinegars,” says Kerrie Kelly of Kelly Design Lab and one Zillow Digs Board of designers. Its simplistic design and no-fuzz practicality made it a hit for homeowners and designers alike. It’s like having a cooking show set right inside the house.


Kitchen design does not end with mere aesthetic; it has to be fully functional. Trends now are focusing on sustainability issues. Ease of use, energy saving designs and lesser carbon footprints. Designers are now looking into materials that last if not forever. London Granite worktops for example are unique in every way as no granite is alike. It is durable, low maintenance and abundant in nature at the same time.

Another issue being tacked in this trend is natural lighting. The use of natural light in designing the space helps trim electric bills.

With all this said, one must not forget to consider one extremely important thing and that is personal style. Injecting a personal style is a ticket to success in making kitchen unique, fun and at home.

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