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Grapevine Solutions Offers Customized Web-Based 360 Degree Employee Evaluations


Markham, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Grapevine Solutions ( announced today the success of its employee evaluation software that provides effective and easy-to-use 360 degree employee evaluations, performance evaluations, employee assessments, and performance reviews, which are all completely web-based.

According to Wes Houston, media contact, "Every company knows how important employee performance evaluation software is, but many of the software programs available are very large and need to be downloaded to one or more computers. Often times when a software program is installed it requires additional updates to the computer system to work properly, not to mention increasing memory and hard drive space due to the size of the program. Our software is completely web-based, so the user only needs an Internet connection and anyone that is given log in information can log in and nothing 'lives' on the hard drive of the computer. The software is customizable to meet individual business needs."

Asked about some of the features the 360 employee evaluation software offers, Mr. Houston said, "The 360 degree feedback evaluation was designed from an HR point of view giving the user the ability to easily create the evaluations based on the company's regulations. There are literally hundreds of questions in the Grapevine's library giving users the ability to pick and choose the ones that make the greatest impact. Within the program are also evaluation templates that can be chosen to make the creation of the employee evaluations that much easier."

Mr. Houston added, "One of the many aspects of the 360 Degree Feedback that sets it apart is its ability to create real-time evaluations, meaning an employee can take the evaluation online and HR or whoever is in charge of distribution can see the answers as they are given, which allows HR to gauge the responses. This is also a good way to see if the questions need to be adjusted or to get an idea of how the outcome may be heading before the evaluations are completed. The company logo can also be created to make the evaluations more customizable. There are several skins that a company can choose from if it matches the company colors or logo. However, there is also an option to completely customize the color and the company logo."

Asked about the future of the 360 evaluation software, Mr. Houston said, "Of course, we will always continue building upon the software and making any adjustments or tweaks to increase its effectiveness when newer technologies emerge. We always take into account user feedback we receive from those companies actually using the reports so that prior to new releases or updates being released, we can add or tweak specific features."

About Grapevine Solutions
Grapevine Solutions provides the 360 degree feedback software that is completely offered as a web-based tool so that nothing is downloaded locally on a computer hard drive. It is completely customizable, user-friendly, and easy to use right out of the box. Grapevine Evaluations has long enjoyed being the go-to software that companies have relied upon for employee evaluations and feedback.