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Grapevine Visual Concepts Announces New Changes for January


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2018 -- Grapevine Visual Concepts, the full-service trade show booth design company, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their new website, logo, and product.

January will be a big month, full of exciting changes for Grapevine Visual Concepts. One of the changes they are looking forward to presenting clients with will be their new logo. The new logo will give their brand a cohesive look, the same way they provide cohesive looks for the pop-up displays they sell and rent to clients across the country.

On January 1, 2018, the company will launch their new website. The new website will create a user-friendly experience that will feature images depicting their wide variety of trade show products. The company believes that showing customers what they are capable of will help give a better understanding of what trade show exhibit options can be created. The new website will also showcase the company's updated capabilities, including asset management, storage, and graphic design services. Clients from across the country will be able to view the changes for themselves in the new year.

Within the first quarter of 2018, clients can expect to witness the release of Grapevine Visual Concepts' new product: the modular. The company is taking modulars to the next level with displays that incorporate a clean, white visual that can be customized with pre-made elements and interchangeable components.

Located in Pennsylvania, Grapevine Visual Concepts designs, builds, installs, and manages trade show exhibits nationwide. To learn more about their variety of services, call 215-364-6515. Keep an eye out for changes to their logo and new website by visiting

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Grapevine Visual Concepts is a full-service exhibit house. For 20 years they have been focused on elevating customers' brands through the design and execution of trade show exhibits and interiors, interactive kiosks, environments, rentals, and asset management services. By educating their clients and providing the most up-to-date technology, Grapevine Visual Concepts delivers the highest quality products to their customers.

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