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Graphene Market : Analysis Includes Growth, Trends, Technologies & Opportunities Forecast 2023

Global Graphene Market Information- by type (Graphene Oxide (GO), Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP), Few Layer Graphene (FLG), Mono-Layer & Bi-Layer Graphene, and Others), by End Use Industry (Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Coatings, Electronics, Chemical, and Others) and by Region - Forecast till 2023


Pune, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2018 -- The Global Graphene Market, by geography, has been divided into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East (MEA), Latin America and South America. In the global graphene market North America is expected to witness comparatively faster growth as compared with other regions.

The demand of Graphene from its various applications such as electronics, energy, and composite materials is continuously displaying a rising trend. The US is the leading market for graphene in the North America region as well as world followed by Canada and Mexico. The growth of grapheme in this region is mainly due to the widespread activities implemented by major well-known players along with numerous cross-industry partnerships for the expansion of graphene and its possible industrial applications. The Graphene Market is going through a remarkable period in this region. The number of suppliers has increased, which is further resulting in the production volume.

As compared to other regions, the Graphene Market in APAC region is predictable to witness significantly healthy growth, with rate relatively closer to that of the European region. In APAC region, the China, Japan, India, and South Korea are predicted to drive the growth of Graphene Market. This is owing to the presence of large number of established manufacture of graphene. In addition to this the region also has a well-established automotive industry, aerospace industry, and chemical industry which can further driver the Global Graphene Market.

Across Europe, countries including Germany, France and the U.K. are expected to drive the growth of graphene market. The U.K dominated the market share in 2016 and is predictable to continue its dominance over the forecast period from 2016 to 2023. However, France and Germany is predictable to grow at a significantly faster rate in the European region.

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Graphene market in Middle East and Africa have a relatively slighter growth of the global graphene market. Within Middle East and Africa countries including UAE, South Africa and Saudi are driving the growth. Demand for energy, automobile and aerospace industry is owing to the growth in the Middle East.

Key players profiled in the global graphene market include CVD Equipment Corporation (US), Vorbeck Materials (US), Graphene NanoChem (UK), XG Sciences, Inc. (US), Angstron Materials, Inc.(US), Graphene Laboratories, Inc. (US), BGT Materials Limited, Ltd (UK), Graphenea Inc. (US), Grafoid Inc (North America), Haydale Limited (UK), and Others.

Segment Analysis

Due to the presence of oxygen in graphene oxide, it can can easily dissolve in organic solvents, water, and different matrixes. This is a major advantage of graphene oxide when applying the substantial with ceramic matrixes to improve their electrical and mechanical properties. In electrical industry, graphene oxide used as an electrical insulator, due to its internal chemical bonding with oxygen.

The second most demanding type of grapheme is graphene nanoplatelets. Graphene Nanoplatelets include the valuable properties of graphite such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and stiffness. Graphene Nanoplatelets applicable in the various end user industry such as in transportation, where it is used as lightweight composites for body parts, imbedded antennas and electronic circuits, lighter lithium-ion batteries, lubricants with improved anti-wear properties, EMI shielding under the hood, and metal-matrix alloys for light-weight. In energy storage it is used as power buffering between wind-turbines and the electrical grid, longer-range electric and hybrid vehicles, and catalysis materials and bi-polar plates for fuel cells. Furthermore, it is also used in electronics industry, aerospace industry, defense industry, and biomedical industry.

On the basis of end user industry global graphene market segmented into automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy, coatings, electronics, chemical, and others (composite, catalysts, filtration, and adhesives). Among all these industry electronics covers the largest graphene market due to applicable in various applications such as conductive inks for printed circuits, thermal coatings and greases for heat dissipation, sheets for thermal dissipation¸ conductive circuits for LED backplanes, and coatings for EMI shielding. The growing demand from end use industries especially from electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, and energy have increased the market for graphene which will further have a positive effect over the forecast period.

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