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Graphic Design and Web Agency Mediaraft Seeking Funding for Next Session of Industry Readiness Programme Training Young Creatives


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- There's no argument from those in the know, that breaking into the graphic and web design world can be difficult for a young designer. Wolverhampton graphic design and web agency Mediaraft is doing their best to help correct this problem. One of the big ways they are working in this area is through their Industry Readiness Programme, free training to young creatives over a three month period that leaves them well prepared to work in the industry. The first group of four designers has passed through the free programme and the firm recently announced they are reaching out for support from local companies to help make a second round of training for a new set of young creatives a reality. After the first three month programme Mediaraft are unable to carry the entire cost of this work on their own.

"Over the three months of training we were able to see these creatives who did have a talent for design become much more well rounded in their skills and more valuable for graphic and web design firms who need employees," commented James Guerrini, Creative Director of Mediaraft. " They now understand the importance of deadlines and how to organise themselves using online tools such as basecamp. They were given one on one training in using the creative suite tools they had the least confidence in, such as illustrator, photoshop and indesign. On top of this they worked on real client projects and were able to build up a strong portfolio which will help them when applying for jobs in future."

Mediaraft funded the entire first session of the Industry Readiness Programme, including paying for the four trainees travel expenses and buying one lucky designer a 24" monitor so he would be able to pursue his work as a freelancer from home after he graduated the training with Mediaraft. For the second session, for it to succeed, finding sponsors for the new trainees is absolutely vital. The benefits they are helping provide for these young creatives can life changing.

Ollie, one of the star graduates of the first Industry Readiness Programme, recently said, "When I began at Mediaraft I had the raw skills and an eye for design but I needed to broaden my self-taught skill-set and hone my craft in order to take my work to the next level. From day one I was involved in real projects, while being mentored in the principles and practices that have helped me become a consistent and efficient designer. I have not only developed my skills, but I have also become more confident and organised in what I do, and I know I would not be where I am now without Mediaraft."

The funds being raised by Mediaraft will be used to produce the next round of "industry ready" designers providing a benefit not only for the industry, but also for the communities these people live and work in. Some of the funding will be directed towards a larger office space and more equipment making it possible to train young designers on an even larger scale, something currently not possible.

Chloe Gaskell, from Mediaraft, remarked, "We're really adamant that young creatives shouldn't have to pay for this so that's why we're asking local companies, local council or anyone really who might like to be part of this really enjoyable educational experience for local young talent."

For more information or to help out with this initiative please contact or call 0121 3187 111

Media Contact:
James Guerrini
Creative Director