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Graphic Non-Fiction Offers Non-Traditional Spiritual Guidance


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- Vegas Baby! Sin City talking here. Where Tourist visit from all over the World come to get wild and lose their freaking minds! Ever wondered what it’s really like living in Las Vegas?

In “Confessions of a Las Vegas Hair Stylist” one will get to meet locals who live life on the edge to attain their idea of the American Dream. These graphic stories of young women and men are tragic, trifling and triumphant. During the height of the Real-Estate boom Mimi, the Hairstylist confesses how she moved straight from the projects of Detroit with three children into the Suburban life hustlin’ her way to the top of the food chaindoing hair weaves, extensions and braids for an underground culture few outsiders have seen up close and very personal.

Mimi keeps it real and raw about the seductive world of pimping, prostitution, porn and robbery among other alternative lifestyles in Vegas that get locals caught up with no way out. No, this book is not for a weak stomach... Keep the Church ladies away! This book offers Non-traditional Spiritual guidance for those who need to know how to stay safe on the streets. As well as giving a voice to young women who may never have a chance to tell their own story about their choices based on survival circumstances that led to abusive relationships, servitude and unhealthy lifestyles.

“In twenty years of meeting thousands of people who came to get their hair done, sitting in my chair for many hours, sharing with me for many years every single intimate detail of their lives, have tried to dissect and learn the many layers of how all attract favorable and unfavorable circumstances in our lives. Have so much to share about the lines of friendship, business, professionalism and Spiritual growth that I too learned the hard way. I invite you to read this book and pass on knowledge. I hope that I will touch many young women and help them raise their conscious.” says Mimi.

About Mimi Miller
Mimi Miller is a Manager of a Corporate Salon and a Contributing Writer for the Los Angeles Sentinel.

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