Grapplers Inc. Announces New Industrial Grade Grappler Trash Pickup Tool


Sparks, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2012 -- Grapplers Inc. has been producing the only American-made litter pickup tool on the market for a number of years. It is made in a variety of lengths from 24 inches long clear up to 96 inches long and enables people to pick up trash, clean riverbeds, stream-beds, yards, parks and along highways.

The Grappler is constructed of sturdy aluminum and can lift much heavier items than any of its competitors. In almost every condition its superior performance and lifetime guarantee are the reason the sales have continued to rise year after year and testimonials continue to come in.

But there is one condition in which the Grappler has a weakness and that is in extremely cold conditions. Although the handle is made of strong, injected molded plastic, when used in below freezing temperatures the plastic can crack if dropped on the ground. For the numerous customers who use the Grappler in such conditions, Grapplers Inc. has developed the 33” Industrial Grade Grappler.

To replace the plastic handle they created an all aluminum handle with a rubberized slipcover. There are no plastic parts anywhere on the new Industrial Grade Grappler. This trash pickup tool can truly be used in any conditions. It can be used to clean out frozen drainpipes, ice covered ditches, or small dead animals in freezing conditions.

The good news is with the Industrial Grade Grappler, if it is accidentally dropped on a concrete floor or on rocks along the streambed, there are no plastic handles to break or shatter. This Grappler can be used in places that you wouldn’t even think of using a competitor product. With its large jaw it is able to lift several pounds of frozen material. Although it is only made in one length, the 33-inch long version, it has become a favorite of several of our customers. One of our customers orders it in batches of 20 at a time!

The Industrial Grade Grappler and all the other products created and sold by the company are available at their website: Extended Reach Pick Up Tool Website.

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