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Grass Fed Online Meat Company 'Muscle-Meat' Sponsors Olympian Bodybuilder Shaun Joseph Tavernier


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Grass fed online meat company ( has recently sponsored Olympian bodybuilder Shaun Joseph Tavernier. Shaun is one of the best professional bodybuilders in the world and believes this supply of grass fed, high quality meats will further enhance his training performance and physique.

In a recent blog, Muscle Meat explained that your training, hard work and effort in the gym can become futile if you do not address your nutrition. The diet is the biggest element when looking at positive transformation of body composition.

A spokesperson for Muscle Meat said:

"From top professional bodybuilders like Shaun, Muscle Meat can help you on your way to achieving the physical and aesthetic goals you have always wanted. Along- side our awesome and ever expanding supply of meats to your doorstep we have the knowledge to give you the correct advice on training and nutrition to make your goals a reality. Keep watching the site for up and coming informative posts, recipes and nutritional plans".

Muscle Meat have adopted the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. This backs up the message of it being imperative that weight trainers and athletes source the best quality meat. Muscle Meat supplies grass fed produce, which has been proved to deliver better quality and higher protein meat.

Muscle-Meat are delighted to become a sponsor of Shaun, to help further his career as a professional bodybuilder.

About Muscle Meat
Muscle Meat supply quality grass fed meats. These are ideal for weight trainers, athletes and sports people to maintain the perfect diet. In addition, they are also ideal for all the family, including less active people.