Grass Trimmer Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick During 2018 to 2028


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2018 -- The demand within the global market for grass trimmer is growing at the back of increasing focus on maintaining the aesthetics of public places, houses, parks, sports fields, and botanical gardens. Grass trimmer is amongst the most useful tools for gardeners, and is even used by woodcutters for clearing elongated grasses in forests.  Hence, the global market for grass trimmer is currently experiencing tremendous demand and is expected to attract the attention of key investors in the years to come. Furthermore, rising urbanization has led to the construction of better hospitals, residential and commercial complexes, and shopping centers. Since all of these establishments are surrounded by gardens or parks, the demand for grass trimmers is felt across the constructions industry as well. It is projected that the global market for grass trimmer would offer lucrative growth opportunities as governments make ardent efforts to beautify public places, parks, and walkways.

The western regions of North America and Europe boast of lush green spaces, botanical gardens, parks, and a robust agricultural industry. Since grass trimmers come in handy across all of the aforementioned areas, the demand within the global grass trimmer market is projected to touch new heights over the coming years.

Growth of the Forest & Garden Market to Influence the Performance of the Grass Trimmers Market

Dynamic demographic factors such as employment levels, housing statistics, and purchasing capacities of consumers are boosting demand for forest and garden products around the world. Increasing growth of the construction and stone industry across the globe is further creating needs for garden maintenance and boosting the demand for garden tools and products. Grass trimmers market is likely to witness a strong impact of the rapidly growing garden market on its expansion in the upcoming years. As grass trimmer is one of the most essential garden equipment, its demand is likely to remain high.

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Attributing to the increasing growth of the garden tools industry, manufacturers in the grass trimmers market are introducing innovative and technologically advanced grass trimmers. Also, the emerging DIY trend in the developed markets is expected to generate more opportunities for manufacturers in the grass trimmers market in the upcoming years. With the availability of a wide range of garden tools such as lawn mowers and grass trimmers, demand is likely to upsurge furthermore in the near future. Ultimately, the rapid growth of the construction industry and forest & garden market is complementing the growth of the grass trimmers market.

Battery-powered Grass Trimmers to Exhibit the Strongest Growth in the Grass Trimmers Market

With the growing trends of landscaping across residential as well as commercial sectors, demand for essential garden tools such as grass trimmers has increased substantially over the past few years. It has provided a boost to the growth of the grass trimmers market. Consumers are preferring to purchase grass trimmers that are easy to hold, operate, and can create a neatly trimmed grass. Also, the noise and pollution caused due to grass trimmers also make a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers. Manufacturers in the grass trimmer market have made available various grass trimmer with different power sources such as gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered grass trimmers.

Gas-powered grass trimmers are considered the most powerful grass trimmers. Although, as they are noisier and heavier, the demand for gas-powered grass trimmers is lower than the other types of grass trimmers. Consumers that need grass trimmers for cutting longer grass and weeds are preferring to purchase electric grass trimmers, which are lighter and easier to use than gas-powered grass trimmers. However, cordless or battery-powered grass trimmers are likely to remain the most sought-after grass trimmers among consumers across the world. Keep the noise of grass trimmer minimum and ease of operation are among the top priorities of consumers, which is a primary factor responsible for growing demand for cordless or battery-powered grass trimmers.

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Leasing Landscaping Products to Remain a Key Trend in the Grass Trimmers Market

As the negative effects of the great recession continue to ebb, a positive change in the consumer confidence can be observed across the world. Increased employment rate and discretionary income of consumers are influencing the investments in landscaping in both residential and commercial sectors. Also, as a part of the trend of outdoor living, homeowners are willing to install outdoor living spaces. It is triggering the needs for efficient landscaping equipment such as grass trimmers. As a majority of landscapers are turning a profit in the grass trimmers market, the number of new entrants in the market is likely to rise in the upcoming years.

However, in the non-residential sector, maintaining large garden areas can lead to increasing gardening equipment expenses. In order to reduce the maintenance expenses of landscaping and gardening equipment such as grass trimmers, non-residential organizations are leasing grass trimmers. As leasing is a low-risk alternative to purchasing expensive landscaping equipment such as grass trimmers, it is becoming an emerging trend in the grass trimmers market. While keeping up with this trend in the grass trimmers market, manufacturers are offering low-cost leasing options.

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