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Gravel Road: New Novel from Courtney Baker Tells Gripping Story of Redeemer's Unconditional Love

Through a compelling story that every reader can relate to, Baker’s ‘Gravel Road’ fuses love, regret and redemption into a work of literature that’s resonating across the nation.


Sanford, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- The power of faith is often conveyed in literature, but perhaps not as strongly as the intricate yet heart-warming new novel by Courtney Baker. Containing love, loss and the long walk to redemption, ‘Gravel Road’ is a new release that critics are keeping a close eye on.


Kyle Evans was running for her life when she found refuge in a small town in the heart of Georgia. In her search for a reason to live, she discovers eternity.

Callin Jennings is the local, fallen football hero. Coming home again would be proving nearly impossible if it wasn’t for his sister’s best friend.

Sutton Cassaday has her sights set on Callin Jennings. When she realizes that Callin is in love with the new girl in town, her life threatens to spin out of control.

When a sadistic killer kidnaps a beloved friend, Kyle and Callin have to lean on each other in ways they never expected. And it’s through the agonizing pain of loss that Sutton finds her way to salvation and learns to move on.

This is a love story that begins with the pain of regret and ends in the hope of redemption. It’s the love story between a boy and a girl. But, more importantly, it’s the love story of Christ and the lost, His chosen ones, as they follow the Gravel Road that carries them home.

As the author explains, her story is a microcosm of humanity.

“It is a story we can all relate to, no matter where we are along our path in life,” says Baker, who works for a Florida-based not-for-profit.

She continues, “We are all searching for love, we are all searching for purpose. We can only find it in one place. This book tells exactly where.”

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Fantastic new book by Courtney Baker. I can't wait to read the next book by this talented local author. Great Job and may God bless you,” said Kelly J, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

With so much success on her hands, Baker refuses to lose sight of what is really important.

“My aim is to produce compelling literature that helps people see their life on paper and value their faith. This comes through accessible narratives that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, while staying focused. There is more to come!” she adds.

With no official announcements about her next book, Baker’s growing readership is advised to keep a close eye on her progress.

In the meantime, ‘Gravel Road’ can be purchased from Amazon: http://amzn.com/0615740464

About the Author: Courtney Baker
Courtney lives in Central Florida with her husband, Matt, and their two daughters, Rhyan and Evynn. Courtney is President of Rhyan's Hope Inc., a not for profit organization assisting families cover the costs associated with cochlear implant surgery and devices.

Courtney home schools her girls and the Bakers have been the foster family to three baby boys. She writes about what God teaches her through His word and what He whispers over her heart. She is most grateful for His gift of such an amazing family and of a life lived in the arms of redemption.