Joe Bragg Simplifies Gravel Landscaping Estimates

New web based tool makes estimating the amount of gravel required for landscaping easy.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- Gravel is an extremely popular choice as a ground surface in many landscaping projects. It is very low maintenance, it stops weeds from growing, and it can fit neatly around trees and large plants. It is also fast and fairly cheap to get down. However it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much gravel is required for a particular job. Many people who undertake landscaping projects have bags of gravel left over, or find themselves with an inadequate supply.

One gravel related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a site which contains a calculator to tell gardeners exactly how much gravel is needed for any given landscaping project. The site has quickly built a substantial reputation for the accuracy of its calculations.

The gravel calculator on the site is extremely easy to use. Visitors to the site simply enter the length and width of the area they wish to cover, along with the desired depth of coverage in inches. The calculator then instantly outputs an accurate estimate of the amount of gravel required for the project. also contains advice for measuring the project accurately, including guidance on measuring up areas that are circular or irregularly shaped.

The site’s article section contains a range of useful editorial content about calculating gravel estimates, and general information about gravel. There are pages detailing different types of gravel and details about the costs.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Gravel is a fantastic choice for many types of landscaping projects. It is pleasant to walk on, it requires no specialist installation or maintenance, and it is also cheap. The only problem is determining exactly how much gravel to buy for a project. Even experienced landscapers can have trouble estimating exactly how much gravel will adequately cover an area. Our pea gravel calculator makes it extremely easy to work out exactly how much gravel is needed to adequately any size of area, to any specified depth. We also serve as an information resource about gravel, with a range of articles on the subject hosted on our site.”

About is a site that contains a web based tool designed to calculate the amount of gravel that will be needed to cover an area in a landscaping project. It also contains general information about gravel landscaping.

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