Great Business Ideas for 2014 - Being a Handyman


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Those who are fortunate enough to have lived a long life, are still independent and enjoying their home built many decades ago may be having the occasional problem, and this is one of the great business ideas for 2014 .

Age is a factor in more than a person.  As the rules and regulations have changed on electrical, plumbing and other codes, it may take more than a simple replacement for most homeowners.  This is how a handyman is ideal.

“I have a link on the site about a lack of smoke detectors in old homes as an example,” said Sandy McQueen of McQueen at Home.  McQueen is a small business and at-home blogger and entrepreneurial guru.

A handyman to the elderly can do multiple things from mowing lawns to pool care and more.  All that it will take is some know-how, tools and a willingness to do what is necessary.  Sometimes, a light bulb change is more than enough for many seniors.

“It will take a while to build up a reputation as an excellent resource, but once your name is out and in the community, you may find more work than you can handle,” said McQueen.

One excellent idea behind this career is you can expand to beyond just seniors.  Once your name gets into the public, there could be enough work to expand into a small business with employees and everything that goes with it.

“I have other pages about working with other people and payroll in fact,” said McQueen, “but you will have to visit the site to learn more.”

There is more to be said about being a handyman for the elderly than what is said here.  In fact, McQueen has several other at-home work ideas for 2014 on her website.  Visit here for more about helping the elderly and search the rest of her site for other, great business ideas for 2014 .

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