Great Customer Service: The Definitive Handbook for Today's Successful Businesses

This indispensable book provides a new framework for businesses that want sustainable success during an unstable economy. Want loyal customers? Want to see your sales increase and profits grow?  Then beat out your competition with Great Customer Service!


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Business executive Jalene Nemec and Dr. Daryl Green show another angle in which to improve business during times of fierce competition. A company can only cut costs, slash prices, and reduce excess overhead so far before they are no longer a viable company. Furthermore, these options eventually worsen the economy by pushing business overseas, forcing entire industries into price wars and increasing unemployment levels.

This book is important not just for sales people, but for anyone who wants to maintain good relationships with their customers. Business owners, college students, professors, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and other sales organizations can benefit from this book. Readers can ensure success by following practical application on concepts outlined in this book in order to satisfy customers’ needs or wants.

Through this book, many individuals will be able to…

- Build a more profitable business
- Increase good sustainable customer service
- Inspire workers toward greater organizational performance
- Learn how to inspire today’s demanding customers.

The old ways of improving sales will not work forever. Outsmart your competition and earn customers that are loyal only to you with Great Customer Service!

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Great Customer Service: The Definitive Handbook for Today’s Successful Businesses

About the authors
Jalene Nemec is a bright business thinker, having both extensive customer service and leadership experience. She holds a Bachelors of Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Dr. Daryl Green has helped thousands with his lectures, seminars, and columns. He has been noted and quoted in such media organizations as USA Today, Associated Press, American Urban Radio, The Bev Show, BET, The Hallerin Hill Show, and Ebony Magazine.

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