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Great Green Cleaning Launches an Advanced New York Bed Bugs Preparation Training

New Training Program Makes GGC the Best Bed Bug Preparation Company in NYC to combat the 2013 Bed Bug Spring Breading Explosion


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Great Green Cleaning’s new Bed Bug Preparation training program is a comprehensive approach to partner with you and your exterminator in getting rid of bed bugs. An increasing number of residents are having problems with bed bugs in New York and getting rid of them effectively requires exterminators and preparation companies to have an in-depth knowledge of the bed bug’s life cycle, how to check a residence for their presence, and what steps should be taken to make the extermination period as easy for the clients as possible. By addressing each and every issue that relates to bed bug infestations, this program trains Bed Bug Preparation Specialists to provide the best possible experience while thoroughly partnering with you and your exterminator to eliminate the problem of bed bugs.

As spring approaches and the weather becomes warm, bed bug breading and infestation season is once again about to begin. The best way to protect your home from bed bugs is to clean your home and eliminate any bed bugs that might be present now. When you hire Great Green Cleaning in New York City, you will get the most qualified technicians to clean your home. They understand the importance of using safety equipment throughout the process in order to prevent cross contamination and will clean, pack and isolate your delicate and important items to protect them. Great Green Cleaning will take steps to help you organize your living space to prepare for the exterminator for a more successful process. At the same time, they understand how emotionally difficult it can be for their clients who are dealing with an infestation and they will help to make your home and your belongings as useable and livable as possible, until the process is complete.

During their services for eliminating bed bugs in New York, Great Green Cleaning uses natural products that are safe for your family and your pets. They partner with Green exterminators such as Dial-A-Bug to make sure the job is performed professionally and thoroughly. Each item in your home will be checked, cleaned, wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in sealed containers to prevent cross-contaminating and make it easy to reassemble your home to its previous condition. Great Green Cleaning and Maid Service also offers commercial cleaning in New York City, in addition to event or party service and prep, clutter cleanout, and post renovation cleaning.

Biography: Great Green Cleaning always strives to give their clients the best results with all of the services that they provide. They are the simply the best at preparation for eliminating bed bugs in New York homes and their client testimonials verify that their methods are executed to make the experience the best possible one for each client. Now is the best time to call Great Green Cleaning to prepare for the upcoming bed bug season. For additional information please visit,