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Great Lakes Author Reaches out to Canadian Audience with Free Fantasy Ebook at Kobo

Canadian readers who shop at Kobo Books can get to know the fantasy fiction of Michigan-based author Tracy Falbe with the free ebook Union of Renegades. This 180,000-word epic serves as a free introduction to the author’s body of work that includes eight more fantasy novels.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Canadian fantasy fans looking for a new series to read can take advantage of a free full-length novel offered by Tracy Falbe at Kobo Books. It is Union of Renegades, the first book of The Rys Chronicles that continues in The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, and The Borderlands of Power.

Union of Renegades begins as Dreibrand Veta and the conquering Horde of the Atrophane Empire reach a mythic Wilderness that beckons with a magical call to glory. But Onja, Queen of the rys, a race far more powerful than the greatest human state, guards this land. She has the power to imprison souls and her genocidal rage is legendary. Everything is at risk for her desperate enemies.

The author who lives in Battle Creek, Michigan has enjoyed steady support from her Canadian neighbors for three years. Her sales reports consistently show sales from Kobo, mostly in Canada where that retailer has a large share of the ebook market.

“I’ve been lucky to reach some readers in Canada. I have very limited ways to market my fiction, but all English-language markets around the world are important to me. I appreciate everyone who gives my novels a chance,” Falbe said.

Fans of Falbe’s epic fantasy have compared her to George R.R. Martin and Terry Goodkind. Comments from readers shared on her fan feedback page called her fantasy books “great page turners” and “amazing.”

“Sometimes people read Union of Renegades and get hooked. It’s so flattering when someone buys all the books in the series,” Falbe said.

About Falbe
The author grew up in Michigan, making regular visits to Chatham, Ontario where her grandparents were from. She thinks living in a border state has allowed her marketing to trickle into Canada where readers continue to discover her fantasy books.

Falbe began writing seriously in 1997 when she drafted the first chapters of Union of Renegades. She has worked almost daily ever since crafting her epic fantasies inspired by themes of war, religion, slavery, magic, and Nature.

Falbe is currently working on her tenth novel. People can visit her website Brave Luck Books and join her readers’ list to be notified of new releases and special discounts.