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Great Lakes Scale Reports the Scale Industry Is Making a Comeback

This industry is expected to grow over the coming years, yet there is little competition, and clients need a provider they can count on, announces


Fort Wayne, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- The scale and balance manufacturing industry struggled during the recession that took place a few years back, yet appears to be on the road to recovery. Over the past five years, the industry witnessed growth of 2.4 percent and this is expected to continue. At this time, the industry brings in roughly $909 million, with 82 businesses competing for clients. Individuals in need of industrial scales need look no further than Great Lakes Scale ( for great service and outstanding support.

"When a company finds they are in need of a weight scale, be it a truck scale or a crane scale, staff members at Great Lakes Scale work with the client to find the appropriate model. The success of our company depends on the success of our customers, and we remember this at all times. This is why we offer the best products in our industry to those in the Great Lakes area and back these products up with outstanding service and support," John Anderson, spokesperson for Great Lakes Scale, announces.

Factors to consider when choosing an industrial scale includes the capacity, application rating, cost, communication and NTEP certification (for some applications). Scales are only effective when they can handle the items to be weighed and do so accurately. NTEP certification is essential when the items being weighed are for sale or trade purposes, and an effective scale communicates with other devices to simplify the process.

"Keep the above factors in mind when selecting a scale, and work with a reputable provider. This provider assists customers who have questions about one or more of these areas and can provide guidance on which solution is right for the client's needs. Great Lakes Scale understands this and strives to meet the needs of clients at every stage," Anderson continues.

When selecting a company to partner with for industrial scales, consumers need to consider more than just the products offered. The right company offers repairs, testing, rentals, calibration services and more. Companies that work with a provider offering these and other services find their job because much easier, as they always have someone to turn to when they need assistance.

"Great Lakes Scale remains committed to forming long term relationships with clients, ones that don't end when the sale is made. Open lines of communication play a large role in this endeavor. Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance to you, as we understand what industries need in terms of scales and provide only those solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients," Anderson declares.

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Specializing in scale service, sales, rentals and repairs, Great Lakes Scale exceeds all its clients' weighing needs. The service department excels in every area and is unmatched in terms of its technical skills and knowledge. Whether clients need a gram scale, an industrial weight scale or anything in between, Great Lakes Scale offers a solution, servicing any industry and providing service for all weighing needs. Only the highest quality of products is provided, and the company stands behind its workmanship when it comes to installation.