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Great Movers US Customers Can Expect Superb Moving Experience from the First Call


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Moving day can be stressful to say the least, then there’s the heavy lifting. That is the reason to outsource the hard stuff on moving day and to hire professional movers. Great Movers US makes move safe and stress free. Comfort, security and confidence of their clients are the utmost concern.

With Great Movers US customers can expect superb moving experience from the first call till the very last box delivered on required address.

Great Movers US is ready and willing to labor through the moving process weather it is sweltering heat or the snow blizzard. They are careful, efficient, clean and committed to packing up their customers quickly without any risk of damaging their belongings. Great Movers US helps their customers to pack up their home including books, mirrors, dishware, electronics and furniture and professionally stack their belongings into truck. They will also unload possessions with the same care and efficiency.

Services that Great Movers US provides are stable and clients always know what to expect. Great Movers US will determine the logistics for moving before they start the process. They work to stay within budget that customer can afford without sacrificing time or the quality of their services. This present that their goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Great Movers US is dedicated to help customer and make the moving process easier for them and their family. They make sure that move gets finished and that is finished right. Professionals from Great Movers US provide skilled movers who have years of experience lifting and loading heavy furniture and boxes. Their experienced staff come in coordinated teams to make the move as swift and successful as possible. They will disassemble, protect, pack, unload, reassemble and smile.

Great Movers US provide Reliable Service and they guarantee timely service with a scheduled appointment. It does not matter if client is moving from a 3rd floor to another 3rd floor or from 10th floor to 20th floor. Be it the 1st, 3rd, or 35th floor, stairs are no match for professional movers. They bring the boxes, paper, bubble wrap, and tape. Customer sits back and relaxes while expert packers box things up the right way. Clothes, artwork, fine china, and anything else from glassware to shoes, they handle it all and guarantee it travels safely. Their professional packers work fast and effective. They pack furniture in blanket pads and shrink-wrap it all to protect from scratches and damages. To protect the glass parts of furniture, mirrors and pictures, they put cartons between them inside the truck. In case of a wooden floor, they cover it with blanket pads. At the place of destination they arrange the furniture at personal desire of client.

About Great Movers US
Great Movers US offers to its customers a combination of integrity, quality, professional services and well trained movers. With these qualities they earn the trust and satisfaction of their customer. They are determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding services before, during, and after the moving process. Great Movers US Services the Major States as: New York, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, California & Texas for more areas click here:

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Phone: (888) 315-5572