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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2013 -- The all new Apple iPhone 5 has been generating comments and reviews from both the average person, the technologically-obsessive and those in-between. Needless to say that it is an incredible smartphone made even more fantastic. Speed wise, net weight and Applications content-and even outlook, it is arguably the cutest smartphone anyone has ever made. The Apple iPhone 5 contains an A6 processor that boosts the camera and image performance. The camera has been better equipped to perform well in dim tight and snap pictures more easily. So also, the new battery case has been made more slimmer with a larger screen size albeit helping to improve the battery life says Apple.

Without disputing the fact that the handset feels quite ‘tender’, it has got a really solid panel and casing. This is not however the case with the rear panel, scratch-resistance of some bruises or marks may emerge after materials such as coins and metal objects come in contact with the phone. And then comparing the A6 chip with the speed interface, several reviewers have opined that there seems to be a slight difference between the speed of the iPhone 5 and the Apple 4S, which average users never, seem to take note of.

It would however be non-beneficial for an Apple iPhone 5 user to underutilize the Smartphone due to his inability to get the right information as to the various sleek and compatible accessories that go quite splendid with the smartphone.

Some of these accessories are:-

1. Apple iPhone 5 Pouches and Carrying Cases: The magnet of the pouches close very well and should be slim enough to fit the iPhone 5 to suit its purpose and for portability.

2. Apple iPhone 5 Screen Protectors and Skins:

The iPhone 5 Screen Protector comes in diverse varieties but the basic qualities on can get on the market include properties such as;

Compatibility with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models of the Apple iPhone 5 on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks, made very strong film materials in the industry, has smooth, non-sticky surface with patented layer of UV protection to avoid degradation of the screen, Manufacturers’ Lifetime Warranty and extremely durable film with outstanding "invisible" screen clarity.

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Other cheap cell phone Accessories you will find useful for its optimum performance are; Adaptors, Pedestal head speakers, Adaptor cables, Back-up chargers, Wireless speakers, Alternative headphones. This list is by no means, however, exhaustive.

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