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Greater Media Interest in Fine Fireplaces Set to See Sales Soar


Wandsworth, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2016 -- Although March brings a change in the season, recent cold weather and the response of the media has drawn attention to what is expected to be the continued popularity of fireplaces. Recent articles include 'pubs with fires to warm up by'; emphasizing the charm and personal comfort people often associate with fires. It is in turn anticipated that more of the general public will be looking to buy their own, not just limited to experiencing it outside the home – and therefore fireplace providers offering quality services is important.

Fireplaces are often seen as central features of domestic space – and they have evolved over the years to incorporate a number of materials – thought to be one of the factors behind their continued popularity. From stone to glass, a fireplace can incorporate a range of design and appearances to suit the individual room. Sales are also expected to increase as consumers reflect back on how they may have liked a fireplace in their home at Christmas-time; and therefore choosing to install one now puts them in good stead for the year.

Keen to comment on the news were Stonewoods, a provider of fireplaces and stoves with extensive experience in the industry. A spokesperson had this to say:

"Fireplaces not only look great, but as the recent media focus indicates, they are also capable of creating a great atmosphere – and plenty of warmth! They make a stunning interior choice and can add value to your home; hence we are offering an extensive range at affordable prices, so people really can feel the benefit."

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Stonewoods is a provider of a range of fireplaces, stoves and fittings. This includes contemporary designs as well as antique fireplaces.

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