Green Auto Lube

Green Auto Lube Offers Ancillary Services Including Installation for Entire Fleets of Vehicles


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- When Green Auto Lube opens its doors in or near Spokane, they will offer ancillary services including installation, for entire fleets of vehicles. Their oil change services should help vehicles continue to run fresh and clean and remain in good working condition. Their ancillary services replace the components that should help to keep an engine running cleaner and smoother and also help give the engine a longer life.

Getting their ancillary service at the same place helps save you time because they also offer complete oil changes. They provide a complete service from their expert technicians’ at the most competitive price. Their oil change service features the correct amount of new oil, installing a new oil filter and a general fluid check to ensure smooth functioning.

Their facility will also inspect tires, brakes, radiator fluid, power steering, air conditioning and other differentials which contribute in the functioning of the engine. Their fleet services will make sure that each vehicle gets a complete checkup and ensures that all the vehicles are in the best working conditions.

Their fleet services will provide a host of benefits to all the vehicles and the most important one is to help engines run smoothly and have a longer life. Their oil change service will not only lubricate the moving parts of the engine but it also should help clean it, which may prevent or reduce noise.

Their re-refined and bio-based engine oils will also be earth friendly. Together with their complete ancillary services, it will provide a cleaner engine for the vehicle, and allow to have better engine protection at high temperatures.

Green Auto Lube will be a customer-oriented, preventive-maintenance facility dedicated to accommodating immediate, honest and dependable service with attention to using American-made bio-based lubricants, reducing the dependency on foreign oils with accurately trained and certified technicians. The main goal of is to provide unparalleled customer service and great prices on our re-refined lubrication product line and standard oil changes. They provide the complete peace of mind to client while leaving their facility with their double check procedure providing the complete quality assurance.

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