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Green City Beauty Shares Spring Skincare Advice with Clients


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2016 -- It's not just wardrobes that should get an update this spring, says Green City Beauty. Due to rising temperatures and humidity levels, clients of the salon (which offers sugaring, an all-natural hair removal service, in Philadelphia) should also make changes to their daily skincare routine to keep skin looking smooth and glowing. Green City Beauty has released a list of suggestions for a fresh start to the season and an entire summer of radiant skin.

First, the salon advised to search through cosmetic and skin care products to review expiration dates. Outdated beauty products can lurk on shelves for years past their expiration point, meaning that while in most cases they do no harm, they also may have lost their benefit. Green City Beauty encourages clients to toss out expired products—especially, the salon adds, sunscreen, since expired SPF won't protect clients from strong UV rays. Additionally, clients should check the ingredient list on their sunscreen of choice. Chemicals like oxybenzone or propylparaben may be associated with undesirable risks, as may harsh fragrances and dyes. A non-toxic sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is preferable.

Next, Green City Beauty advises clients to switch heavy skincare products for lighter ones. Thick moisturizing creams are no longer necessary in the humid summer climate of Philadelphia. Lightweight lotions are more appropriate for the warmer months. Still, clients should keep their skin nourished. Green City Beauty suggests that clients choose a daytime lotion with hyaluronic acid, which will help skin retain moisture, and incorporate a serum into their routine to wear under sunscreen or foundation. Serums with AHA or BHA exfoliants will help clear clogged pores and reveal a dewy complexion.

Finally, to wrap up their spring cleaning routine, Green City Clients should visit the nearby salon for sugaring hair removal, facials, and the best all-natural skincare products to be found in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area. Visit or call 267-209-3096 to schedule a consultation.

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Green City Beauty was created to bring the ancient technique of sugaring and healthy skin to the Greater Philadelphia area. The sugaring specialists at Green City Beauty have been trained by renowned sugaring experts in Los Angeles and have spent hours perfecting their craft. The company focuses on providing all-natural alternatives for hair removal and skin conditioning, and serves as the perfect combination of clinical and natural skin care options for the conscious consumer. Their techniques work to maintain the skin from the inside out. All of the products used and sold at the location have been thoroughly researched to offer only the best professional and natural skin care options.

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