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Green City Recommends Healthy Lifestyle for Fresh, Glowing Skin


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Clear, radiant skin isn't just a 2015 beauty trend. Beautiful skin has always been coveted as a signifier of health and youth. As noted by a recent Elle magazine article, Scandinavian women in particular have long been admired for the clarity of their complexions. The article, entitled "Scandinavian Women Know the Secret to Perfect Skin," was recently recommended by Green City, a Philadelphia salon recognized for its natural alternative to waxing.

The secret to perfect skin, as elucidated by an interview with Dr. Miguel Stanley, has much to do with holistic health. Dr. Stanley explains that since skin is the largest organ of the body, its appearance frequently reveals whether someone is healthy or not. Signs of a poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle will inevitably show up in the skin.

He goes on to say that Scandinavian women seem to have a firm understanding of how eating foods loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids contribute to healthy skin. He also notes that Scandinavian countries score higher on the happiness index, suggesting that a balanced, happy lifestyle also contributes to beautiful skin. Furthermore, fair-skinned Scandinavian women invest significantly in protecting their skin from harsh UV rays.

Green City recommends this article because Dr. Stanley's observations line up with the wisdom that they practice. The salon was founded on the firm belief that beauty starts from within, and that a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle contribute to clear, radiant skin. This philosophy is evident in popular Green City skin treatments like the Holistic Harmony Facial. This healing experience use only all-natural ingredients like herbs, Egyptian clay and essential oils to balance skin and restore it to a naturally healthy glow.

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Green City was created to bring the ancient technique of sugaring and healthy skin to the Greater Philadelphia area. The sugaring specialists at Green City have been trained by renowned sugaring experts in Los Angeles and have spent hours perfecting their craft. The company focuses on providing all-natural alternatives for hair removal and skin conditioning, but also serves as the perfect combination of clinical and natural skin care options for the conscious consumer. Their techniques work to maintain the skin from the inside out. All of the products used and sold at the location have been thoroughly researched to offer only the best professional and natural skin care options.

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