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Green Coffee Bean Dangers Warns Consumers to Avoid Cheap Imports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- Dietary supplements are all the rage in the modern marketplace, with dieters spending hundreds of millions on products that promise to boost metabolism, lower appetite or inhibit fat absorption. Green coffee bean extract has proven a popular metabolic booster for those who have chosen that route toward weight loss, but not all dietary supplements are created equal. Green Coffee Bean Dangers is a new site dedicated to warning individuals about the potentially dangerous nature of low quality imported supplements.

Green Coffee Bean Dangers welcomes users to the site with a video introduction by Maria J. Clifford, a licensed dietician at the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington. She explains that low quality imported products, many originating from China, are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

The site takes individuals through four key steps in identifying legitimate green coffee bean extracts from imitations, as well as citing the uses of the extract both as a dietary supplement and in aiding conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and circulation problems. The site explains the active ingredients that consumers should look for in the nutritional information on the product, and the research findings that suggest the extract can be used effectively.

In the footer, readers can find out more information about the site or fill out a contact form to get further information on the extract should their concerns not have been addressed in the blog thus far, providing a friendly, free service that Dr. Clifford reminds readers is not an endorsement of any specific brand, rather a warning against many.

A spokesperson for the official blog explained, “It is not a secret that green coffee bean extract is great for weight loss and it has helped thousands lose weight. Unfortunately the market today is flooded with low quality supplements from China that can be dangerous. The purpose of this website is to help people choose high quality green coffee bean supplements that deliver great results without any side effects or possible harms. Even though green coffee-beans extract has been advertised as a weight-loss supplement, there has only been a minute amount of research regarding such claims. If an individual truly wants to lose weight, a methodical approach to diet and lifestyle is important.”

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