Green Coffee Bean Extract GC Speed Slim Reviewed and Personally Tested by MincirAvecLeSourir.com


Paris, Île-de-France -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- With the increasing popularity of the natural weight-loss supplement GC Speed Slim and numerous positive customer feedbacks, the editors of MincirAvecLeSourir.com decided to witness if this weight loss alternative is indeed effective. The editors performed their own test through voluntary subjects and researched the ingredients used in GC Speed Slim.

Despite the fact that green coffee bean extract has shown great results throughout the world, the composition of the supplement still varies from manufacturer to manufacturer which has caused confusion amongst weight loss treatment seekers who are unable to distinguish between the different supplements.

MincirAvecLeSourir.com is offering the service of performing the tests themselves and sharing the results to the French public such that they can make an informed decision. The website also provides comprehensive information on weight loss techniques and methods that are effective and most importantly a healthier approach.

The GC Speed Slim is another natural weight loss supplement which contains the ‘breakthrough ingredient’ - green coffee bean extract. Many manufacturers are now providing a supplement based on the green coffee bean extract especially in the past 2-3 years, and MincirAvecLeSourir.com took the responsibility of finding out just why the GC Speed Slim is gaining significant attention amongst the numerous green coffee bean extract supplements.

The personal test was for the duration of 4 weeks and was aimed to find out if the consumers witnessed any weight loss and whether the supplement was safe for usage. Since the GC Speed Slim is 100% natural all subjects agreed that the supplement is absolutely safe and there were no alarming side effects during the full test. As far as the actual weight loss after consuming 2 capsules per day for 4 weeks all subjects reported that they had lost weight, however the amount of weight loss was varied. Subjects who were consistently exercising saw the most weight loss and those with little or no physical activity reported lower loss in overall weight.

Since, GC Speed Slim is natural the subjects also didn’t feel a reduced energy during their appetite suppressing and metabolism boost. In fact some subjects felt very comfortable and even stated that improved energy levels were observed.

Overall the editors of MincirAvecLeSourir.com concluded that GC Speed Slim is not only effective but one of the best weight-loss supplements available today due to nearly nil side effects. The editors also revealed that percentage of Chlorogenic Acid is the key to determining the quality of a green coffee bean extract supplement. A percentage above 45% is considered ideal. The GC Speed Slim has a 50% Chlorogenic Acid and hence performs much better than its competitors.

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